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30 Years of the EUI Library Traineeship Programme

First Conference


The first conference was held in Florence the 11th of June 2010.


Conference Programme 

Inaugural Session

09.00-11.00 – Chair: Veerle Deckmyn, Director, EUI Library

In the first session, speakers will discuss the library traineeship programme – providing an overview of the first 30 years. The focus will be on future directions that will enable the traineeship programme to anticipate new trends. Speakers will also examine how to maintain good synergies between the traineeship experience, developments in library and information science, and professional employment prospects.



Josep Borrell Fontelles, President, EUI


Challenges of a Multilingual and International Research Library

Veerle Deckmyn, Director, EUI Library


The EUI Library Traineeship Programme and Network: “Ieri, oggi, domani”

Tommaso Giordano, Deputy Director, EUI Library


From Education to Career: 20 years of a fruitful partnership

Amadeu Pons i Serra, Professor, Facultat de Biblioteconomia i Documentació, Universitat de Barcelona


The European Dimension of Career Development: the EUI Library and Charles University collaboration

Jitka Hradilova, Professor, Faculty of Arts, Charles University, Prague


A View from the Private Sector: Casalini Libri

Barbara Casalini, Casalini Libri, Fiesole


Concluding Plenary Session

14.00-16.00 – Chair: Tommaso Giordano, Deputy Director, EUI Library  

14.00 Presentation of the results of the workshops

Workshop I, rapporteur: Claire Dugast

Workshop II , rapporteur:  György Váradi

Workshop III , rapporteur:  Roman Chyla

14.30 Discussion/Debate

15.30 Libraries Are Forever! Michiel Tegelaars, Reference Librarian, EUI Library

15.45 Conclusions, Veerle Deckmyn, Director, EUI Library

16.00 Coffee and refreshments, Bar of the Theatre

16.15 Tour of the expanded EUI Library

20.30 and onwards… the EUI Summer Ball




  • Borrell Fontelles, Josep, President, EUI
  • Casalini, Barbara, Casalini Libri, Fiesole
  • Deckmyn, Veerle, Director, EUI Library
  • Giordano, Tommaso, Deputy Director, EUI Library
  • Hradilova, Jitka, Professor, Faculty of Arts, Charles University, Prague
  • Pons i Serra, Amadeu, Professor, Facultat de Biblioteconomia i Documentació, Universitat de Barcelona
  • Tegelaars, Michiel, Reference Librarian, EUI Library

‘Former Trainee’ Participants

Name, Current Position, (Nationality and Year of EUI Traineeship)

  1. Antonetti, Marila, EUI Library Trainee, (IT - 2010)
  2. Arredondo Sanchez, Daniel, Library Assistant, Biblioteca Districte 6, Barcelona, (ES - 2002)
  3. Badell Sanchez, Barbara, EUI Library Trainee, (ES - 2010)
  4. Brizioli, Elena, Librarian, Serials and Institutional Repository, EUI Library, (IT - 2001)
  5. Bruns, Jantje, Head of Library, Museum fuer Voelkerkunde Hamburg, (DE - 1992)
  6. Caballero, Valle, Librarian, Universitat Ramon Llull of Barcelona, (ES - 2005)
  7. Chyla, Roman, Fellow, CERN, Geneva, (CZ - 2006)
  8. Cosials, Alex, Professor, Universitat de Barcelona / UNESCO Centre of Catalonia, Barcelona, (ES -2000)
  9. Dugast, Claire, Librarian, Scientific Media Library, Institut Pasteur, Paris, (FR - 2005)
  10. Espallargues, Marta, Librarian, Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona, (ES - 2005)
  11. Fernandez Golbano, Marta, EUI Library Trainee, (ES - 2010)
  12. Fregosi, Patrizia, European Central Bank / Ufficio di Gabinetto del Ministro, Ministero dell'Economia e delle Finanze, Rome, (IT - 1997)
  13. Gonzalez Fort, Anna, Departmental Cataloguer, Biblioteca Rector Gabriel Ferraté, Technical University of Catalonia, Barcelona, (ES - 2006)
  14. Grilli, Abra, Librarian, EUI library, (IT - 1991)
  15. Gucci, Barbara, Digital Division Service, Casalini Libri, (IT - 2000)
  16. Hernandez Chico, Alba, Fratelli Alinari, Florence, (ES - 2009)
  17. Holmberg, Magnus, Student, University College of Borås, (SE - 2009)
  18. Hutar, Jan, Head, Digital Preservation Department, National Library of Czech Republic, Prague, (CZ- 2005)
  19. Klimesova, Pavlina, Student, Adamov (CZ - 2007)
  20. Koundouraki, Evangelia, Information Specialist, European Information, EUI Library, (GR - 2002)
  21. Lucchese, Beatrice, EUI Library Trainee, (IT - 2009)
  22. Mantoani, Enos, Casalini Libri, (IT - 2008)
  23. Manzano, Maria Jesus (Chus), Library and Documentation Service, Universitat de les Illes Balears (UIB), Palma, (ES - 1997)
  24. Masoli, Sabrina, Product Specialist, IFNET, Florence, Italy, (IT - 1999)
  25. Mayor, Laura, Library Director, Biblioteca, Barcelona, (ES - 1998)
  26. Mencato, Maria Cristina, Librarian, Biblioteca degli Innocenti, Florence, (IT - 2000)
  27. Nässén, Sara, EUI Library Trainee, (SE - 2010)
  28. Navas, Miguel, Manager, Documentation Centre, Catalan Data Protection Authority, Barcelona (ES -2003)
  29. Pejlare, Christina, Project Coordinator, CBG Konsult, Göteborg, (SE - 2006)
  30. Perez Cervera, Mireia, Document Delivery, Open University of Barcelona, (ES - 2007)
  31. Piazzini, Tessa, Librarian, Biomedical Library, University of Florence, (IT - 2004)
  32. Sinovas Espin, Elisabet, Librarian, Library of the Institute of Marine Sciences, Barcelona, (ES - 2008)
  33. Soy, Cristina, Head, Information Management at Criteria Caixa Corp, Barcelona (ES - 1995)
  34. Sundberg, Linda, Subject Librarian and EDC Collection, Karlstad University Library, (SE - 2007)
  35. Terravecchia, Emanuela, Casalini Libri, Florence (IT - 2007)
  36. Ugolini, Giovanni, Housing office, EUI, (IT - 1992)
  37. Váradi, György, Librarian / IT Officer, Centre for Regional Studies, Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Pécs, (Hungary - 1992)
  38. Wahlgren, Ingela, Librarian, International Institute of Industrial Environmental Economics, Lund, (SE - 2005)
  39. Zerini, Sara, Cataloguer, Casalini Libri, Florence (IT - 2006)


Participants, EUI 

  • Alpigiano, Carlotta, Librarian, Acquisitions and Budget, EUI Library
  • Baglioni, Paolo, Systems Analyst, EUI Library
  • Bourke, Thomas, Information Specialist, Economics, EUI Library
  • Daalder, Martine, Acquisitions Librarian, EUI Library
  • Del Panta, Marco, Secretary General, EUI
  • D’Indico, Françoise, Serials Librarian (retired), EUI Library
  • Fehilly, Els, Serials Librarian, EUI Library
  • Gbikpi, Ruth, User Services, EUI Library
  • Glassel, Aimee, Electronic Resources Librarian, EUI Library
  • Lawless, Emir, Information Specialist, European Information, (retired), EUI Library
  • Mohrlok, Beatrice, Secretary (retired), EUI Library
  • Nocentini, Roberto, Director, Personnel Service, EUI
  • Nocentini, Ursula, Assistant, Personnel Service, EUI
  • Ortiz, Lorenzo, Systems Librarian, EUI Library
  • Svantesson, Lotta, Secretary and Institutional Repository, EUI Library
  • Wieloch, Halina, Librarian, Cataloguing, EUI Library 


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