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News databases


Factiva is an international news database providing content from over 30,000 sources in 32 languages. Articles are from newspapers, newswires, industry publications and news websites. In addition to news, the Factiva Companies & Markets database provides five years of headline economic data. Factiva is maintained by Dow Jones. The Factiva Guide is at this link. Access the Factiva database via this catalogue record.


PressReaderPressReader is an online portal providing digital same-day editions of more than 7,000 newspapers and magazines worldwide. Readers with devices connected to the EUI WiFi should access directly. PressReader is accessible up to seven days after leaving campus. Off campus readers can connect via the EUI Library PressReader catalogue record using EUI single sign-on. For extra features, create an account or download the Factiva app. 


thomsonreutersWestlaw, published by Thomson Reuters, provides access to a selection of international news resources. The availability of titles is subject to change. Westlaw also provides full-text access to legal and regulatory information from international publishers including Sweet & Maxwell and Carswell & West. The digital collection includes case law, legislation, reviews, treaties and directories.


MLOL logo

MediaLibraryOnline (MLOL) provides access to the Italian dailies 'Il Sole 24 Ore', 'Corriere della Sera' and 'La Stampa'. To access MLOL, readers must be registered at a public library in Florence or Fiesole. Readers who are not registered at a public library can (1) request a library account via this link; click 'pre-iscrizione' and send an email to [email protected] with the subject 'Pre-iscrizione effettuata' and, in the body of the email, the requestor's name. (2) After sending the email (or for readers who are already members of a public library in Florence or Fiesole) complete the form at the foot of this page. Requestors will receive an activation link with username and password.


Newspapers and magazines 


Online access

Print location (Library 1st Floor)

Africa Confidential 

CheckFull-text via publisher

Agence Europe

CheckFull-text via publisher


Alternatives économiques

CheckFull-text via PressReader


Corriere della Sera

CheckFull-text via PressReader  

The Economist

CheckFull-text via publisher  

Le Figaro

CheckFull-text via PressReader  
Financial Times CheckFull-text via publisher  
Foreign Affairs  CheckFull-text via publisher  CheckCUR 32
Foreign Policy  CheckFull-text via publisher  CheckCUR 32
Gazeta Wyborcza CheckFull-text via PressReader  
The Guardian CheckFull-text via PressReader  

Hospodářské Noviny

CheckFull-text via PressReader  

I Kathimerini

CheckFull-text via PressReader  
Libération CheckFull text via PressReader  
London Review of Books  Paper CheckCUR 015
El Mundo CheckFull-text via PressReader  
The New York Review of Books

CheckFull-text via publisher

CheckCUR 015

The New York Times

CheckFull-text via publisher


El País

CheckFull-text via PressReader  


CheckCUR 05
Scientific American  Paper CheckCUR 05
Il Sole 24 Ore

CheckFull-text via MLOL and Factiva

La Stampa

CheckFull-text via MLOL

De Standaard CheckFull-text via PressReader  
Times Higher Education CheckFull-text via publisher  
Times Literary Supplement CheckFull-text via publisher CheckCUR 015
The Washington Post CheckFull-text via PressReader  


 Paper CheckCUR 02

Die Zeit

CheckFull-text via Factiva   

Newspaper archive on microform

  • The EUI Library Microforms Collection holds a wide selection of historical newspapers, gazettes and magazines.
  • The Microforms room is located on the Library garden floor.
  • Search the Catalogue for publication holdings and microform cabinet locations.
  • Connection interruptions should be reported via the Access Problem Form.




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