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Special collections

Rare books

Digitised EUI collections

The EUI collections that have have been digitised so far are:

Even though the copyright law currently in place forbids the Library from doing a massive digitisation of older materials, including out of print publications, the Library has either digitised what was somehow already in the public domain or in agreement with copyright holders. 

Diplomatic Documents

This collection is dealing with printed Foreign Relations Documents published by some European countries and the USA. Diplomatic Documents are available as books and microforms in the EUI Library. Some series of documents are accessible within remote databases subscribed by the EUI and in remote public websites.

EUI Published PhD theses

EUI PhD theses are often published as books by their authors, and the Library purchases these books in paper or electronic form. Check out the published theses under the collection Published EUI PhD theses.
Cadmus, the EUI research repository, also lists published theses.

European Documentation Centre

Given the European emphasis of the research carried out in the EUI the EDC naturally forms a pivotal part of the Library.

Gift Collections

Book donations are dealt with in three different ways: Open Access collections, off-site storage and discarded material.

Goldsmiths' Kress Library of Economic Literature

This collection is a combination of the contents of the Goldsmiths' Library of Economic Literature at the University of London and the Kress Library of Business and Economics at the Graduate School of Business Administration in Boston.

Law Reports

The Law Reports collection is a selection of the most important reports of case law and legislation.


The microforms collection contains more than 250,000 documents, and is still growing even though more material is now accessible electronically.

United Nations Documents

The Library has extensive holdings in microform format of United Nations documents and subscribes to the online database UN Treaty Collection.

European University Institute Working Papers (1981-2000)

Open Access (no registration required)

The EUI Library in 2020 has digitised and made available 1700 EUI Working papers originally published in print by the EUI research community between 1981 and 2000.

The following EUI Working Papers’ series were digitised and are available online via the EUI Library catalogue (search by title) and the EUI Research Repository, Cadmus:

EUI Working Papers (1981-1989);

SPS Working Papers (1990-2002);

LAW Working Papers (1990-2001);

HEC Working Papers (1990-2003);

ECO Working Papers (1990-2001);

European Policy Unit Working Papers (1990 -1993);

EUI RSCAS Policy Papers (1996-2003);

EUI WP (1981-1990);

RSCAS WP (1994-2001).

Current EUI working papers are also available via Cadmus, EUI Research Repository

EUI imprint monographs (1978-1999)

Open Access (no registration required)

The European University Institute has published between 1978 and 1999 several important books which were the result of research financed by the EUI and conducted by outstanding scholars. The outcome ofthese research projects were published by the EUI in collaboration with commercial publishers (Nomos, Sijthoff, Bruylant, de Gruyter, Kluwer, Marsilio, Blackwell).

The digitisation carried out by the EUI library of about 70 EUI imprint books, out of print and unavailable on the book market, has made these texts completely accessible. A comprehensive list, including the Collected Courses of the Academy of European Law (1990-1997) is available via the EUI Research Repository, Cadmus. More titles in this collection will be added in the coming years and made available also via the EUI Library catalogue.

European Trade Union Institute Studies (1978-1999)

Open Access (no registration required)

The EUI library signed an agreement in 2020 with the European Trade Union Institute, ETUI, for the digitisation and online access of ETUI print publications published between 1978 to 1999 by prominent scholars in the field of:

· European industrial relations;

· Economic, employment and social policies;

· Working conditions, health and safety.

About 140 ETUI publications were digitised and made available by title search and by collection via the EUI library catalogue.

ETUI publications from the year 2000 to current are availabe in digital format on the ETUI database of publications.

Assembly Proceedings Western European Union (1955-2010)

Accessible to all via Login or Registration

Access Assembly Proceedings Western European Union (1955-2010)


The EUI Library, in collaboration with the Historical Archives of the EU in FLorence, digitised the Parliamentary Assembly Proceedings of the Western European Union relative to interparliamentary Sessions held during the years 1955-2010. Full text of these Proceedings is freely accessible via the Historical Archives of the EU database.

The Parliamentary Assembly of WEU was the first European interparliamentary Assembly in the field of security and defense. The Assembly had its own management bodies and subject-related committees (political defense, technological and aerospace, etc.) and was composed of members countries of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe who met in Plenary Sessions twice per year. It ceased operation when WEU was closed, holding its last parliamentary session in Paris on 10 May 2011.

Agence Europe Bulletin Quotidien Europe 1953-1999 (French), and Europe Daily Bulletin 1979-1999 (English)

Accessible to all via Login or Registration

Access Bulletin Quotidien Europe 1953-1999 (French)

Access Europe Daily Bulletin 1979-1999 (English)


Bulletin Quotidien Europe is Agence Europe's daily newsletter covering all aspects of European integration with detailed daily news and insights into European politics and policies since 1953. It was originally published only in French. The English version, Europe Daily Bulletin, appeared in 1979 side by side to the French Bulletin Quotidien Europe.

The European University Institute and Agence Europe have undersigned an Agreement on 12/07/2018 that allowed the EUI Library to digitise and make accessible to all:

- the Bulletin CECA continued Bulletin Quotidien Europe from 1953 to 1999 (French)

- the Daily Bulletin from 1979 to 1999 (English)

and several separately numbered Supplements including:

- Economic interpenetration in Europe and the rest of the world: issued daily, covering international business, finance and economic transactions. An annual index with a list of names/acronyms of all firms covered in this supplement was also published (1978-1996).

- Atlantic News/Nouvelle Atlantiques: a biweekly bulletin started in November 1967 covering political, military, technological and industrial aspects of defence. Later continued by Europe Diplomacy & Defence for matters relating to Common security and defence policy (CSDP) and Permanent Structured Cooperation (PESCO).

- European Library: weekly insert on relevant publications on European matters.

- Europe Weekly Selected Statistic.

- Europe Brief Notes.

- Europe Documents, issued irregularly: a selection of relevant documents produced by the European institutions.

- European Special Elections: special issues assembling information and editorials concerning the electoral campaigns for the European Parliament elections of 1979, 1983-1984.

- Eurosynt (1976-1997) an annual comprehensive index listing all topics covered in Europe Daily Bulletin. This is a very useful search tool: a keyword search through the index brings up all issues of the Daily Bulletin in which a specific topic has been treated in a specific year.

Agence Europe’s Daily Bulletin database for the years 2000-to current issues is also available via the EUI library in English and in French only for EUI members.

Historical Archives of the European Union (HAEU)

The HAEU has a specialised library on the history of European integration after 1945. All the titles can be found directly in the EUI Library Catalogue. Works in this collection have location "Historical Archives Library", and the shelf number starting with "ARCHV."


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