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Economic and Social Data Portal

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Macroeconomic dataMicro-socioeconomic data
Macro short descriptions Micro short descriptions
Banking data - S&P Global Market Intelligence Adult Education Survey - Eurostat
Central and Eastern European data Amadeus European company data - BvD / Moody's
ComExt: Intra- and Extra-EU trade Competitiveness Research Network Europe
Comparative constitutions data - Constitute Consumer Expenditure Survey - USA
Comparative Political Data Sets Current Population Survey - USA
Cross-National Time-Series DNB Household Survey - Netherlands
Data Repositories Registry - re3data.org  DReMM migration data
Datastream - Thomson Reuters ECRI European household lending data
Demographic Yearbook - UN EU-LFS: Labour Force Survey
Direction of Trade Statistics - IMF EU-SILC: Statistics on Income & Living Conditions
Electoral and parliamentary data EUDO data on European democracy
EUI ResData repository Eurobarometer surveys
European Capital Markets Institute - ECMI EUROMOD tax and benefits simulator
European Central Bank data European Community Household Panel 
European Data Portal - EC European occupational health data - ESENER
European regional (sub-state) data European Social Survey
Eurostat data European Values Study
Factiva Dow Jones company / market data Eurostat Micro public use files
Federal Reserve data - USA German Socio-Economic Panel data
Gender data - UN / World Bank / EU GESIS - social sciences data
Genesis - German Official Statistics High Frequency Data in Finance
Global Financial Data - Finaeon ICPSR data archive
GlobalStat - GGP, RSCAS, EUI ISTAT education data - Italy
Google Dataset Search (beta) LIS data on income and inequality
Government Finance Statistics - IMF National Longitudinal Surveys - USA
Growth development time-series data - GGDC Panel Study of Income Dynamics - USA
Guida all'Italia contemporanea PEQIS education data - USA
Historical Statistics of the USA SHARE health and retirement data - Europe
Human Development Index - UN SHIW income data - Italy
International Country Risk Guide - ICRG SIPP social programme data - USA
International Debt Statistics - World Bank Survey of Consumer Finances - USA
International Energy Agency data UK Data Service portal - ESDS
International Financial Statistics - IMF U.S. Census of Population and Housing
International Historical Statistics - Palgrave Work Histories Italian Panel
International Labour Organization data World Values Survey
International Monetary Fund data - IMF  
International Trade Centre data  
OECD statistical data - iLibrary  
Social security data - ISSA  
Statista - digital economy and sectoral data  
Trade in Value Added - OECD / WTO  
UNdata - United Nations  
UNCTAD data  
UNICEF data  
UNIDO industrial statistics  

WIIW Data - Central and Eastern Europe


World Bank data


World Development Indicators




 Macro short descriptions

Micro short descriptions
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