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EUI Library Data Portal

Macroeconomic dataMicro-socioeconomic data
Macro short descriptions Micro short descriptions
Banking data - S&P Global Market Intelligence Adult Education Survey - Eurostat
Central and Eastern European data Amadeus European company data - BvD / Moody's
ComExt: Intra- and Extra-EU trade Competitiveness Research Network Europe
Comparative constitutions data - Constitute Consumer Expenditure Survey - USA
Comparative Political Data Sets Current Population Survey - USA
Cross-National Time-Series DNB Household Survey - Netherlands
Data Repositories Registry - re3data.org  ECRI European household lending data
Datastream - macroeconomic and market data  EU-LFS: Labour Force Survey
Demographic Yearbook - UN EU-SILC: Statistics on Income & Living Conditions
Direction of Trade Statistics - IMF EUDO data on European democracy
Electoral and parliamentary data Eurobarometer surveys
EUI Research Data EUROMOD tax and benefits simulator
European Capital Markets Institute - ECMI European Community Household Panel 
European Central Bank data European occupational health data - ESENER
European Data Portal - EC European Social Survey
European Open Science Cloud (EOSC) portal European Values Study
European regional (sub-state) data Eurostat Micro public use files
Eurostat data German Socio-Economic Panel data
Factiva Dow Jones company / market data GESIS - social sciences data
Federal Reserve data - USA High Frequency Data in Finance
Gender data - UN / World Bank / EU ICPSR data archive
Genesis - German Official Statistics ISTAT education data - Italy
Global Financial Data - Finaeon LIS data on income and inequality
GlobalStat - GGP, RSCAS, EUI National Longitudinal Surveys - USA
Google Dataset Search Panel Study of Income Dynamics - USA
Government Finance Statistics - IMF PEQIS education data - USA
Growth development time-series data - GGDC SHARE health and retirement data - Europe
Guida all'Italia contemporanea SHIW income data - Italy
Historical Statistics of the USA SIPP social programme data - USA
Human Development Index - UN Survey of Consumer Finances - USA
International Country Risk Guide - ICRG UK Data Service portal - ESDS
International Debt Statistics - World Bank U.S. Census of Population and Housing
International Energy Agency data U.S. Consumer / Retail Scanner data
International Financial Statistics - IMF Work Histories Italian Panel
International Historical Statistics - Palgrave World Values Survey
International Labour Organization data  
International Monetary Fund data - IMF  
International Trade Centre data  
Migration Data Portal (IOM, GMDAC)  
OECD statistical data - iLibrary  
Social security data - ISSA  
Statista - digital economy and sectoral data  
Trade in Value Added - OECD / WTO  
UNdata - United Nations  
UNCTAD data  
UNICEF data  
UNIDO industrial statistics  

WIIW Data - Central and Eastern Europe


World Bank data


World Development Indicators


Zenodo multi-disciplinary respoistory (CERN)


Macro short descriptions

Micro short descriptions
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The Library Data Portal provides access to licensed macro-economic, micro-socioeconomic and Europe-related databases. 72 data resource guides provide information on coverage, variables and user networks. The Data Portal also provides information about the Library's restricted micro data server.




The EUI Library provides support for data management plans (DMPs); data protection and copyright; metadata and data support for EU-funded research projects. Visit one of the Library information desks: (BF-085) or (VLF-035), or write to [email protected]





EUI members can submit their research datasets for inclusion in the EUI Research Data collection in the Cadmus repository. To submit a dataset for inclusion, please complete the Library's online form.

Contact: Thomas Bourke, [email protected]

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