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How to access eResources

On-campus access: EUI members and visitors

Most of the Library's electronic resources are available from any EUI computer.

EUI members and visitors may also use personal laptops connected to the EUI Network to access e-resources.

For additional information, including how to configure access using your laptop, please refer to the following:

Off-site (remote) access: current EUI members only

Off-site (remote) access to the Library's electronic resources is restricted to current EUI members (researchers, fellows, faculty and staff).

Off-site users will be asked to login with their EUI personal Computing Account (EUI username e.g. jsmith and password) in order to verify their current EUI Library status and right to access electronic resources.

EUI members' remote access to licensed eResources is suspended when the overdue fines limit has been reached or when the Library account has expired.

  • The Library's web pages and Catalogue can be accessed by anyone from anywhere using any standard browser
  • VPN Remote Connection offers EUI members a secure connection to the EUI's private network

Page last updated on 05 May 2021

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