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Migration Data Portal



MigrationThe Migration Data Portal provides global statistics on immigration and emigration; migrant flow; vulnerability; integration and well-being; forced migration; development; migration policy and public opinion. Data, from 1990 to present, can be filtered by country, sub-region and region. The Portal, which is maintained by the Global Migration Data Analysis Centre, International Organisation for Migration (Berlin), provides:

  • Migration statistics
  • Data on categories of migration; migration and development; migration policy
  • Tools and guidelines for the use and harmonisation of migration data
  • Migration dimensions of the Sustainable Development Goals
  • Key migration statistics by country, region and sub-region
  • Migration Governance Profiles.

IOM published an overview of the development of the portal in September 2019.

Time period
  • 1990 to 2019


Support links

- An introduction to the MDP Portal is on this page.
The MDP Tools directory provides data filtering tools and guidelines to data elaboration and methodology.
- Videos and training materials are available via this directory. 


How to access data

Access data, tools and documentation via the The Migration Data Portal.


Data homepage

Contact: Thomas Bourke at [email protected]





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