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ILL Rules for EUI members

The function of the Interlibrary Loan and Document Delivery Service (ILL Service) is to make available to members of the Institute documentation not present in the EUI Library and the purchase of which is not possible or not considered appropriate.

The following are entitled to use the ILL Service

  • Faculty and researchers of the European University Institute (reference will be made to the official register provided by Academic Service)
  • Fellows and visiting professors and researchers
  • Administrative staff of the Institute (those under contract)
  • Documentation requested must of necessity be relevant to the user's research topic (or staff functions performed for the Institute)
  • Interlibrary loans are strictly personal: the documents obtained may not be made available to others. Users must sign an undertaking to respect the laws governing copyright
  • A limit of eighty requests per academic year (September-August) is fixed for each user; beyond this limit the Library will solicit the opinion of the supervisor, or head of department as to the appropriateness or not of continuing to provide ILL services
  • Users may make requests any time up to two months before their definitive departure from the Institute

Users are required to:

  • Borrow promptly books received on loan from other libraries
  • Return loans within the due date stated by the lending library, without fail
  • Inter-library loans may not be renewed and will be subject to fines as soon as they become overdue, Library Fines System
  • Respect absolutely any stipulation made by a lending library that the material should not be taken out of the EUI Library (as indicated by red cards). Such material should be registered on loan on the occasion of the first consultation in the EUI Library and subsequently returned for safe-keeping to the duty-staff at the Loan Desk. When the user has definitively finished consulting the material, he/she should inform the Staff at the Loan to check in the book
  • Take good care in general of any materials obtained on interlibrary loan and, in particular, not expose them to any risk of damage or take them on any journey
  • In case of damage or loss of a borrowed document the user shall be liable for the full replacement costs of the lost or damaged item
  • The EUI Library reserves the right to suspend from the use of its Interlibrary Loan Service any user who fails to observe the rules herein stated



Page last updated on 17 September 2020