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Library support for interdisciplinary research

This page provides information for scholars working in the EUI Interdisciplinary Research Clusters.

Members of the EUI Interdisciplinary Research Clusters may contact the Library Information Specialists listed below for support with interdisciplinary research and teaching at the EUI.  

Interdisciplinary Research Cluster Library Information Specialist
Crisis of expert knowledge and authority Ruth Gbikpi  |  [email protected]
Decentering Eurocentrism Federica  Signoriello  |  [email protected]
Environmental challenges and climate change Thomas Bourke  |  [email protected] 
Inequality, welfare, and social justice  Thomas Bourke  |  [email protected]
Technological change and society Valentina Spiga  |  [email protected] 
Transnational Democracy in the 21st century Thomas Bourke  |  [email protected]

For general questions about the Interdisciplinary Research Clusters please contact [email protected] or the cluster coordinators.

 The Library provides both discipline-specific and interdisciplinary support for research and teaching at the EUI. Detailed information about EUI Library collections, and collection development, is available in these Guides:

Economics & Data Collections
History & Civilisation Collection
Law Collection
Political & Social Sciences Collections

Page last updated on 11 September 2023

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