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Account Expiration

This document details what is going to happen once your affilitation to the EUI ceases.



Termination of Status

All computing accounts have an expiry date. For academic users this is normally the end of each calendar year and is extended annually according to continuing EUI status on the basis of information provided by Academic Service, Departments, Max Weber Programme, Personnel Service and/or Robert Schuman Centre.

When your EUI status is no longer renewed, your account will expire and be disabled.

There is a generous time margin between termination of status and the account being disabled. Researchers can expect their computing account to remain valid at least until the end of the calendar year in which they defend their thesis, provided the person had researcher status at the time of defence (i.e. is still within the 5-year period).


Account Disabling

Written notice is sent to your EUI email at least twice starting a couple of months before your account is due to be disabled.

If your account is near expiry date, see Leaving the EUI further below to find out which steps you should take before expiration.

IMPORTANT: once your account has been disabled, you will NOT be able to login or use any IT services, and your Personal, Web and Shared Areas as well as EUI email will NOT be accessible or recoverable. Related services such as Mail Forwarding and AutoReply will cease to work as well. 


Keeping Your Account

Several categories of users can keep an EUI computing account and EUI email address:


Full-time professors leaving the EUI are entitled to keep their computing account for a further 3 years, extendable up to a maximum of 5 years on request.


Retiring Staff

Retired administrative staff members are entitled to keep their EUI email account indefinitely, but must make an explicit request using this Request Form .

Retired staff accounts also allow VPN access to the EUI network and are kept open as long as regularly accessed. If inactive for a year, such accounts get disabled


Leaving the EUI  (Preparing for Account Expiration) 

Once your account expires, you will not be able to access any IT resource and all your data will not be accessible or recoverable. Before  this happens, we strongly suggest you take the following steps while your EUI account is still valid :



You should arrange a new email address, set up AutoReply (Out of Office) notice and Mail Forwarding, and backup your mail:

AutoReply Notice

Using the WebMail , create an  "Out of Office" (AutoReply) Notice via Email  to send an automatic note to all your correspondents advising them of your change of E-mail address.

Please Note: AutoReply ends when your EUI account expires.

Mail Forwarding

Submit an Email Forwarding Request  to have all incoming mail automatically forwarded to your new address. Set end date of service to "Account Expiry". Choose "Yes" to "Leave a copy of all mail at your EUI email address".

Please Note: Mail Forwarding ends when your EUI account expires.

Backup Email

Configure and use your preferred Email client  to download/backup your EUI email.


Personal WebPage

If you have a Personal WebPage at the EUI, we suggest to set up a Redirect to your new webspace (if available).


Personal Storage, Web and Shared Areas

Make sure to backup all your data on your Personal Storage, Web and Shared Areas .


Software (EUI Licensed)

Any EUI-licensed software (either provided by the ICT under Campus license Agreement or procured via research funds remains property of the EUI and must thus be removed/uninstalled upon leaving the Institute.


Zotero Collaborative Storage

The Zotero Collaborative Storage quota is available to full-time administrative staff, faculty and researchers only. If your affiliation ceases, your Library quota will return to the standard, drastically reduced, free one provide by Zotero. Please make sure to reduce your Library or to purchase extra space accordingly.



Page last updated on 31 July 2018