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Before Your Arrival

Please carefully read the following and check whether there is anything that needs your, or our, attention before your arrival to the Institute:



Coming With Your Personal Laptop?

If you are coming with your own laptop, it would be good to:

  • let your Unit's coordinator or assistant know beforehand, so that a working space without an EUI desktop PC can be arranged for you;
  • check with your current user support/network administrators if changes need to be done to your laptop's network configuration and/or network/internet security software in order to safely access other networks;
  • check if your laptop is compliant to EUI's minimum software and security requirments;
  • renew any of your personal licenses for research software NOT available at the EUI which you are going to use whilst at the Institute;
  • check whether the research software you may need, is listed among those available for your personally-owned computer (and if you are eligible);
  • inform us well ahead if you want to connect your laptop to you former Institution through EUI's network (via Remote Desktop Connection, TelNet, etc.) as specific ports on our internal Firewall may need to be opened.


Is Your Working Space IT Equipment Alright?

Depending on your status and Unit of affiliation (Academic or Administrative Staff, Visiting Professor, Fellow, Researcher or Visiting Researcher) you may or may not be assigned a personal or shared room/office with a personal or shared desktop PC.

Ensure that your Hardware and Software needs fulfill your expectations:

  • EUI Research Configuration PC: Hardware Specifications and Software (applies tipically to Researchers, Fellows, Visiting Professors and Visiting Researchers);
  • EUI Staff Configuration PC: Hardware Specifications [1] and Software (applies tipically to Academic and Administrative full-time staff).

Please note the ICT cannot readily provide software which is not part of the EUI standard and/or may charge you for its purchase.


Do you Have Intensive Computational Needs?

If you have intensive computational needs, please:

  • ensure they fulfill your expectations (we can arrange a test account for you to test beforehand);
  • check if the research software you may need is available;
  • let us know if you need them for teaching only or for your research.

Please Note: although our HPC infrastructure is scalable, it may take plenty of time to procure extra concurrent seats, software licenses or CPUs.


Do You Have Any Special IT Needs?

For any special IT need or more detailed information on the IT Services offered, do not hesitate to get in touch with the ICT Service administration or directly with the ICT User Support of your affiliation.





[1]= Macs are or can be made available as well to some categories of EUI  members (please see Note below): in this case the hardware specifications are similar to the Windows-based office desktop PCs.

Please Note: Macs are NOT a standard hardware available at the EUI and not all categories of Institue members are eligible. A specific request should be made to the ICT Service (if full-time Academic Staff) or to your Service of affiliation (if Administrative Staff) in due time to make the equipment available at your arrival.



Page last updated on 10 June 2020