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Firewall Policy

The EUI network's firewall is set up to block all non-standard incoming and outgoing connections from port 1024 upwards.

If you fail to access an external resource (for example, your home server at your Institution), that may be because our firewall is blocking that specific port used by your server/service.

Network Administrators can open ports upon justified, written request. Please contact your local IT User Support Office and provide the following detailed information:

  • Service/Software used (i.e., Cisco VPN Client, Remote Desktop Connection, etc.) that is relevant TCP/UDP Port
  • IP Address/Hostname to be reached (i.e. or
  • Your name and your EUI username (if applicable)
  • Justification


Please note: all requests are treated once per week, every Thursday (holidays and official EUI closures excluded).

Page last updated on 10 June 2020

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