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Standardisation Policy for Computing at the EUI

In order to improve the quality of service for its users, the European University Institute has standardised its computing infrastructure so as to guarantee continuity and high-level computing support for research, teaching and administrative activities.  

  1. The entire computing machinery of the EUI users will consist of a single PC model with a unique standard configuration.
  2. The entire computing equipment of the EUI users will be configured with a unique software model.
  3. The unique software model will be composed of one operating system, a number of general-purpose software applications and several research and administrative software applications.
  4. It is the policy of the ICT Service to limit support to any other machines or software that fall outside the standard package, brought into the Institute by temporary visitors or installed on machines by individuals.
  5. The ICT Service may not support computers installed at home by EUI users.
  6. In instances of corruption or malfunctioning of the standard packages resulting from the installation of other software modules or hardware components, the ICT Service may be obliged to reinstall the "standard package", which then cancels any of the user's personalization features.
  7. The restoration of personal configurations (especially in the case of 6 above) will be the responsibility of the user.
  8. It will also be the policy of the ICT Service to do as best it can within reason and without commitment to help out individual users using non-standard configurations ("best effort" approach).
  9. Non-standard equipment and software shall be purchased by the user himself, or through his/her unit. This shall include any warranty extensions (e.g. on-site support, support outside working hours, international coverage, etc.) that the user may require.
  10. The ICT Service will be ready to provide information on suppliers and recommended products.
  11. The documentation of any purchase request (offers, technical specifications, etc.) of computing-related equipment done via any unit shall be submitted to the ICT Service via Purchase Request Form for approval.
  12. The unique software model will be updated periodically according to the indications made by the ICT-Library Committee. Such indications will be based on those user requests, addressed to their units, that are of general interest for the Institute.



Page last updated on 24 October 2019

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