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Anti-Virus Protection

This information applies to personal laptops ONLY!

Do not attempt to install any kind of independent anti-virus programme on EUI PCs (either office/computer room PCs or laptops). All Institute machines connected to the EUI network or EUI domain (iuedom) have Norton Symantec Corporate Antivirus which is updated automatically when you log in and several times while you work. EUI laptops working from off-campus are updated automatically only when connected to the Institute's network via VPN, else they need to be updated manually.
For more information please see the Virus Protection Policy.


Antivirus Software 

Users with personally-owned laptops are responsible for installing the latest version of their anti-virus programme on their machines. The ICT does NOT provide anti-virus software for personal laptops or support for anti-virus tools acquired by users. However, there are a number of anti-virus tools available for free from the Internet:

Alternatively, you may consider purchasing any of a number of anti-virus products online or from your local software dealer.


Online Antivirus Scans

There are many free online services which can scan the hard disk for viruses. They do not offer real-time protection, i.e. they only detect infections which have already occurred, but are very useful if the anti-virus has been compromised.


Additional Security Measures

Laptop users should also:

  • keep their Mac and/or Windows operating system up to date with latest security patches, etc.;
  • update their virus database file regularly by downloading this directly from their supplier's website, or setting the software to automatically update;
  • backup their data regularly (see Storing Data).

For additional information see CERT's Home Network Security website.



Page last updated on 13 October 2017