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New Features

Welcome to EUI Printing Services!

This page lists the main features introduced with the new printing contract which will last for 5 years until summer 2020:



RFid Technology

No more swiping of your EUI Card or worn out magnetic stripes: make use of the card's RFid chip by hovering the card over the card reader. You can even leave it in your purse!

Secure Printing

Retrieve your print-outs from the MFP only after proper authentication: your confidential documents will be kept safe and nobody else can access them. Privacy guaranteed!

It is also better for the environment as it saves paper: no banner page, no lost print jobs or picked up accidentally).

Follow You Printing

Print jobs follow you all over the campus! Just login onto any MFP to retrieve all your documents: print from your office, collect in the meeting room or bypass jammed/offline printers by moving onto another one!


New Print Quota System

The new Print Quota is now a virtual wallet containing a credit (expressed in Euro) which can be used to pay for both B/W or Colour copy- and print jobs. The benefits of the new system are:

  • one unique quota: no need to buy extra colour quota
  • awareness of the real cost of each print job: thanks to fixed prices
  • control over topped-up balance: what you pay is what you get

And what's more, Researchers and Fellows receive more than 10% additional quota than in the past!

Transparent Costs

Costs of copying and printing are transparent not only because they are the result of a public tender but because they can be checked anytime from any MFP.

They sum up hardware, toner and maintenance costs and are fixed for the five years of the contract.

The cost of the paper is not included as it is marginal in comparison. However, saving on paper is good for the enviroment and for a greener EUI!

Colour Quota

All EUI members, including Researchers, can now benefit from a colour quota for copying and printing.

MultiFunction Printers (MFPs)

All printers around the campus allow now for Copying, Printing and Scanning, most even up to A3 format!

Furthermore, all printers are equipped with sensors and will go into energy-saving mode when not in use.

Mobile Printing

Thanks to the built-in Ricoh myPrint solution, it is now possible to print to any MFP from mobile device such as smartphones or tablets either via email or via dedicated (free) App. Ricoh myPrint technology offers:

  • flexible, convenient access to printer resources
  • direct printing from mobile, Windows and non-Windows devices for EUI members and Guests
  • ensure the security of document data sent using Ricoh myPrint with powerful 256-bit encryption
  • scalable and with no limit to the number of users that can use the Ricoh myPrint platform
  • lower admin overhead by removing the need for device driver updates and reducing device compatibility requests

Optical Character Recognition (Scan to OCR)

All printers around the campus allow now for Optical Character Recognition (OCR), that is digitising printed texts so that they can be electronically edited or searched.

Transform your leaflet into an editable document in a matter of seconds via OCR Scanning!

Scan to Home or Shared Folder

All printers allow for scanning to one's Home folder (G: drive) (COMING SOON!) or Shared (unit's) folder. Archiving hardcopies has never been easier and large, confidential data is never put at stake anymore!

Scan to (My) Mail

Scanning to email has been fully revamped: sender and recipient addresses are now automatically filled with whomever is logged onto the MFP to protect any confidential data and allow for transparency.

Additional mail addresses can of course be added anytime in the CC field.

Redirecting Printing

To optimize document flow, rationalize processes, avoid overload of the print server and network as well as contain costs, the system is set up to redirects large print jobs.

If a user submits a large job (over 30Mb), the system will send an email with instructions to submit the job to the EUI Print Shop.


Printing for Guests

Upon registration and purchase of sufficient print credit (Print Quota), guests to the EUI can:

Registration is done via EUI myPrint portal (for further details see how to register to the EUI myPrint Portal)

Print Quota can be purchased from the dispenser machine at the Library entrance (€5 = approx. 125 B/W copies: no change given) or via EUI myPrint portal (for further details see how to purchase print credit)

Centralised Fax Server

COMING SOON: stay tuned!



Page last updated on 28 November 2017