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Location of MultiFunction Printers

  • All printers are of public use unless specified
  • All pritners can be accessed by Guests as well (upon register onto EUI myPrint portal first)
  • All printers are colour capable
  • All printers support A3 paper size unless specified

Printers are located in the following areas:






Badia Fiesolana

  • Bank corridor: close to the ATM
  • Bank corridor: close to the CRF office. RESERVED FOR ACADEMIC SERVICE
  • Bank corridor, outside Communications Service. RESERVED FOR COMMUNICATIONS SERVICE
  • Library: entrance (first) floor, lift area behind frontdesk
  • Library: entrance (first) floor, administration offices (BF362). RESERVED TO LIBRARY STAFF
  • Library: ground floor, main stairway
  • Library: ground floor, lift (BF289)
  • Library: ground floor, printroom (BF286)
  • Library: second floor, main stairway
  • Library: second floor, lift (BF111)
  • Library: second floor, administration offices (BF363). RESERVED TO LIBRARY STAFF
  • Library: third floor, printroom (BF372)
  • MWP: ex Padri, corridor (BF233). RESERVED TO MWP FELLOWS (LOCAL MFP)
  • SPS Department: ground floor, near entrance
  • SPS Department: first floor, print room at the end of corridor (BF371)
  • Upper cloister: near Archivium entrance


Cappella (Schifanoia Area)

  • Near restrooms (A4 FORMAT ONLY)


Casale (Schifanoia Area)

  • Ground floor, commons
  • First Floor, near central stairway



  • Ground floor: main entrance.
  • First floor: newspaper room
  • First floor: near stairway to commons
  • Second floor: near stairway
  • Second floor: corridor


Villa La Fonte

  • Ground floor: main entrance, outside porter's lodge
  • Basement: commons, room VF107 
  • Basement: room VF104 (A4 FORMAT ONLY)
  • First floor: main stairway
  • Second floor: near restrooms
  • Third floor: main stairway
  • Dépendance: main entrance
  • Orangerie (Serra): room VFS001 (A4 FORMAT ONLY)


Villa Malafrasca (Schifanoia Area)

  • Ground floor: main entrance
  • First floor: commons


Villa Paola (Badia Area)

  • Ground floor: main entrance
  • First floor: commons
  • First floor: office VPA209: RESERVED TO OFFICE USERS (LOCAL MFP)
  • Dépendance: main entrance


Villa Il Poggiolo

  • IAO: First floor, main stairway
  • ICT: Second floor: main stairway
  • ACC: Third floor: administration area


Villa Raimondi (Schifanoia Area)

  • Ground floor: near stairway
  • First floor: stairway


Villa Salviati

  • Castello: ground floor, behind porter's lodge (SACA011)
  • Castello: first floor, commons
  • Castello: upper cloister, near restrooms
  • Castello: attic, office SACA406
  • Ipogeo: office SAIP019
  • Manica: HAEU frontdesk
  • Manica: HAEU administration corridor (RESERVED TO HAEU)
  • Manica: ground floor, entrance
  • Manica: first floor, corridor near restrooms
  • Manica: first floor, corridor
  • Manica: first floor, corridor near stairway (SAMN245)


Villa Sanfelice (Badia Area)

  • SPS Department: ground floor, entrance
  • SPS Department: first floor, stairway


Villa Schifanoia

  • Basement (canteen): commons
  • Ground floor: porter's lodge
  • Ground floor: glass corridor (seminar room area)
  • First floor: sala Nyobe
  • First floor: corridor
  • Second floor (attic): corridor
  • Garage: entrance (A4 FORMAT ONLY)


Villino (Schifanoia Area)

  • First floor: commons



Page last updated on 28 November 2017

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