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Mail Deliveries to EUI addresses

Over the years the quantity of private parcels shipped to EUI members has increased exponentially due to the growing use of online shopping.  In February 2013 we requested that EUI members keep these deliveries to a minimum. Even so, the various porters lodges see a continuous increase in the number of private packages delivered from e-commerce shippers.  Consequently, as of 1 December 2014, the EUI must further restrict its delivery acceptance policy.

Policy Statement

From 1 December 2014, EUI members should use EUI addresses only for the delivery of work-related items, such as books, IT devices and the like. These work-related shipments should meet the following conditions:

  • Have your full name and cell phone number included on the shipping label for immediate contact by the EUI post office
  • Use the specific postal address of your building and not the generic address of the Institute
  • Inform the post and protocol office prior to delivery if you are expecting a package greater than 45x35x30 cm, so that the package will be accepted and arrangements for receipt may be made
  • Collect the package as soon as possible after notification and within one day of receipt by the EUI post office or porters
  • Use your home address or take advantage of paperless communication for private correspondence easily delivered by normal mail, such as bank statements, utility bills, freepost, and the like

 The EUI porters will not accept:

  • Packages requiring payment on delivery or requiring payment of postal/customs fees on delivery;
  • Packages greater than 45x35x30cm, without prior notice and authorization by Dario Centrone, EUI post office;
  • Packages addressed to persons who are not official members of the EUI and listed in the CPR database. 


The EUI will not assume any responsibility for the loss or non-delivery of packages not conforming with the above, nor for any damage incurred during shipping or during the storage of unclaimed packages.


For further information and clarification concerning mail services you may contact the post and protocol office by phone at 2364 or by email at [email protected]

Page last updated on 20 August 2017

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