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Villa La Fonte

From August 2016 Villa La Fonte hosts the Department of Economics.  

The 15th century villa was originally owned by the chancellor of the Florentine Republic, Leonardo Bruni, before passing to other Italian families through the generations.

It was then converted into the Hotel della Gran Bretagna, catering for the British tourists that flocked to Florence in the 19th century, before being bought by the Smith family who built their wealth on the railways.


During this time the expansive gardens included an open-air theatre, a cricket lawn and tennis court.

After World War Two the Vallecchi publishers bought La Fonte and later sold it to the current owners, the Marinai family.

To reach Villa La Fonte from San Domenico take the first right after the bus stop.

The Villa is about 1 km down the road on the right  


Villa la Fonte

Via delle Fontanelle 18

I-50014 San Domenico di Fiesole (FI)

Tel. [+39] 055 4685 805, Monday-Friday 8.00-19.00


Page last updated on 06 September 2018

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