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Villa Raimondi

Villa Raimondi houses part of the Robert Schuman Center for Advanced Studies.

To reach the Villa Raimondi from San Domenico, turn down via Boccaccio, then go to Villa Schifanoia, around 150 metres down the road to the right.

Villa Raimondi is approx. 100 metres past Villa Schifanoia on your right hand side.  

Villa Raimondi is also accessible from the Badia Fiesolana by the dedicated footpath.

On-site parking available.


Please note:

The Via Boccaccio stretch between San Domenico and Villa Schifanoia has been closed on 14 April 2018 until further notice to both pedestrians and vehicles for safety and security reasons (wall falling hazard on both sides of the choke point): the Villa Schifanoia Campus is therefore accessible by car from Le Cure ONLY, while pedestrians (EUI members) can use the internal path from Villa Sanfelice and then the connecting road Badia-Schifanoia.

External guests (pedestrians) are kindly invited to access the Villa Schifanoia Campus either through the connecting walkway from the Badia Fiesolana or walking up Via Boccaccio from the terminus of the 1B bus line.

Villa Raimondi

Via Boccaccio 121/111

I-50133 Firenze

Tel. [+39] 055 4685 550



Page last updated on 05 September 2018