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October 2019

Meeting with LAW & HEC Departments 10 October 2019 (Villa Salviati, Sala dei Levrieri)


  • Eleonora Masella (EM), ADM
  • Deirdre Curtin (DC), HOD
  • Grigorios Bacharis (GB), RES
  • Svitlana Lebedenko (SL), RES


  • Anna Coda Nunziante (ACD), ADM
  • Regina Grafe (RG), HOD
  • Pelle Van Dijk (PVD), RES


  • Claudio Barzini (CB)
  • Laura Bechi (LB)
  • Giovanni De Santis (GDS), HSS
  • Kathinka España (KE), HOS
  • Walter Pugliese (WP)

KE presents the members of the REFS attending the meeting and starts to analyze the list of issues that had been previously sent by both departments concerning Villa Salviati

Ongoing issues


KE and WP confirm that the heating system in Villa Salviati is properly functioning, although there might be unavoidable issues that have to be reported through the Helpdesk

WP illustrates the technical improvements implemented before Christmas 2018: all sensors of heating units were replaced (thermostatic valves) and now temperatures are more or less always in the gap indicated by the policy. In specific cases where there might be problems, users are invited to report.



KE illustrates the main innovations introduced by the new contract (i.e. the cook in the Salviati Mensa, which was a big investment). The quality of the service should have 

  • SOUND-PROOFING (Noise Sala degli Stemmi-Sala degli Anelli)

Nothing has been done so far due to structural limitations imposed by the Sovrintendenza. KE asks how many complaints there are, but it is difficult to provide an answer, as it depends on the type of seminar. The REFS commit to investigate a potential solution with the installation of a specific curtain or through removable panels.lso.


New Issues


The proposal is made by both Departments in order to allow for a broader use of the park. REFS will have to investigate possible locations and paths.

Both parties agree that this could be implemented for Spring 2020.

Update of 20/01/2020: benches, chairs and tables have been purchased and installed in front of the Manica entrance (upper terrace)


The problem affects the same office on the mezzanine floor of the Castle: WP confirms that he will go there again and check


a) Accessibility for people with reduced mobility

b) Stepfree access to Salviati from carpark

KE explains the general situation and the story of the car park: no parking was foreseen at first, due to Cultural Heritage and Landscape constraints, but finally we got authorization under certain conditions (i.e. that once the parking is ready no more cars will be circulating inside the park).

A policy is being prepared for people with disability and/or temporary disability conditions:

  1. Disabled people with sign already have preferred access to the upper terrace (dedicated parking area)

  2. For people with temporarily disability, REFS is planning to build a small car park closer to the Villa with 10 spaces approx. A stepfree alternative could also be access to P1 from Via Bolognese, although it is a bit too far; accessibility to P1 is already available with a specific procedure (send request by mail). 

    Another solution is to park in Via Faentina and take the shuttle.

KE mentions the work of the disability working group, a big investment on the EUI side just to assess the current situation.

RG says that P1 could be a solution for people who come regularly and have mobility problems in climbing the stairs, but not for occasional visitors. Both parties agree on the following possible mitigating measures:

  • To inform people well in advance about the stairs (e.g. preparing a standard sheet for all Salviati depts with necessary reachability information to be sent out together with invitation to conferences and or events)

  • To put some sort of signs indicating alternatives (step-free access, for instance).

Something more proactive should also be done for staff members with temporary mobility problems: a clear policy will be drafted for access to the new parking with 10 spaces, in order to provide responsiveness and avoid abuse.

Car access to the upper level of Salviati for loading/unloading bulky items is always possible by submitting the request by mail to the HHS (GDS) who will inform the Control Room accordingly.

All couriers can access the Castle if they ring the Control Room when they reach the bar at the car park..


A professor reported it last winter and others keep complaining that it is a bit dark. WP says that the system works as it should, maybe it is not sufficient and we could improve it with additional lights. Putting new bulbs, more powerful, is just a matter of budget. We also have problems with our neighbors due to the lighting system in the parking, which is too strong for them... REFS will check and eventually slightly improve.


WP says that a technical solution was implemented since mid September, if there still are problems people should report on the EUI Helpdesk.


No news from the Comune for the moment, they are well aware but nothing came up so far.


The new area for lunch represents a big success, so the question is to connect it better with the bar area. The moving of the bar is unfeasible in the context of the tender contract, the bar will be too distant from the Mensa (staff problem).

RG complains that they do not have a bar where to seat and have a conversation, they just have a place to have a coffee (it is very noisy, the acoustics is so bad)

REFS can investigate the possibility to move the Poggiolo bar infrastructure there (tunnel), to be opened after lunch time. This will however limit the space in the tunnel.

RG asks for a creativity effort to set up more attractive spaces


KE highlights the fact that in theory presently there should be no dogs on campus. If there are, they come from outside, but people should not come from outside (Villa Salviati is indicated as private Prperty by specifi signboards!

REFS take note, but will look into a different access policy or pet policy.


RG suggests to remove the printer, which is located in the worst possible place, and this will allow for a reduction of the disturbance. Second point is that there is no obvious way to go around the desks so a general reorganization of space is needed. REFS confirms that it is feasible, they will look into it with dept. coord.

Update of 15/10/2019: the reorganization of spaces has already been carried out in accordance with prof. Grafe. To move the printer it is necessary to activate a network socket in front of office SACA414, still waiting for confirmation from ICT service.

Update of 13/01/2020: the printer has been moved and is operational


The cleaning contract has tender specifications, with clear indications on regular and periodic cleanings. This should guarantee the level of cleaning that the institute aims at guaranteeing based on available funds. KE agrees about the complaint of both departments and on the idea that the first impression is very important. Both parties agree that when there is a change of professor/admin staff, coordinators should inform he REFS and in the context of normal cleaning, when possible, windows will be cleaned and special attention will be given to the room. The coordinator will give the final feedback if it is ok or not, otherwise the ticket will not be closed.



REFS agree in principle, in all academic buildings there is a priority "rule": as main users of the building, HEC and LAW should have priority booking rights on one of the rooms. ThIS room will not be the Sala del Consiglio, there will be one room for HEC and One for LAW. They will have to talk with Luca di Rocco to find a common solution which is suitable for both. (Stemmi and Torrino are proposed)

Another problem is that sometimes rooms are booked one year in advance (e.g. by RSCAS, HAEU...) which is a problem for both depts. An improvement in space management will be brought by the new Events tool.


RG complains that in VSA there are not so many spaces for catering use, so they are in a very unfair position compared to other departments if they have to pay to use the Grotto (250 €). The only alternative as a catering space is the courtyard, but an extensive use of that area (free of charge) will be necessarily disturbing researchers.

KE explains that the reason for the cost is the portable kitchen equipment needed.

KE says that the tariff cannot be contested, maybe REFS could ask to have 2-3 standard menu types for spring-summer for the grotto with a reduced fee. REFS will ask the company to find an acceptable solution.

Update of 31/10/2019: Villa Viviani agreed to reduce the Grotto fee from 250 € to 80 € for the Working Breakfast with buffet service

Update of 12/10/2019: bike stalls have been moved as requested. 

Update of 20/01/2020: new bike shelters will be installed by February 2020.

  • Missing mirror in the working spaces toilets
Work in progress




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