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October 2020

Meeting with LAW & HEC Departments 13 October 2020 (Villa Salviati, Sala del Torrino)


  • Aurélie Boursier (AB), ADM
  • Deirdre Curtin (DC), HOD
  • Wojciech Giemza (WG), RES


  • Anna Coda Nunziante (ACD), ADM
  • Regina Grafe (RG), HOD
  • Daniel Banks (DB), RES


  • Claudio Barzini (CB)
  • Kathinka España (KE), HOS
  • Walter Pugliese (WP)

At the request of the departments, the items on the agenda are:

  • Organisation of teaching activities, thesis defences and catering in the light of the new covid measures
  • Working spaces and Zoom rooms in Salviati (Researchers’  reps)
  • Update on canteen at Villa Salviati

KE began the meeting by running through the list of issues highlighted at the previous meeting, informing those present that due to administrative problems only the installation of the bicycle rack shelter remains pending. CB and WP confirmed that the rack had been purchased in 2019 but since Villa Salviati, like the Badia, is subject to landscape and architectural constraints, installation can only be carried out after getting the green light from the Italian Authority (Soprintendenza). 

New Issues


The Heads of Department ask what innovations would be introduced in light of the new measures issued by the government to prevent Covid-19 contagion.

KE informs those present that since the decree has only been issued the previous evening, it is being analysed by a colleague who deals with the Health and Safety Officer and that the following day the new protocol will be issued, which, in principle, should not differ greatly from the current one.

Update on 15/10/2020 - The new protocol was issued incorporating the measures contained in the Prime Ministerial Decree of 13 October issued by the Italian authorities to contain Covid-19 contagion.


To help researchers with their activities, the departments ask whether there is any possibility of increasing the number of seminar rooms and working spaces, making availability of the rooms visible to researchers, and booking them directly through the porters' lodge instead of contacting the departmental assistant. It was pointed out by ACD that staff of the porters' lodge do not currently have the right to make this type of booking.

The law researcher WG suggests using Doodle for room booking.

KE and the other members of the REFs take note of the request and suggestions, and express their availability to find a solution to satisfy this request.

The researchers’ representatives ask whether it would be possible to install workstations in the Sala della Vite and allow the Convent classrooms to be used, since it seems that language courses are carried out online.

Update on 20/10/2020 - The REFS, after analysing the pros and cons of the various ways of booking, decided to implement an ad hoc procedure from 22 October which would allow researchers to book the seminar rooms through the relevant porter lodge.

With regard to the request to install workstations in the Sala della Vite, for the moment this has been put on hold to be re-evaluated should the booking procedure and the seminar room availability system not bring the desired results. Among other things, the Sala della Vite is not independent since it can only be accessed by passing through one of the two adjacent seminar rooms and this limits its use.

As for the use of the Convent classrooms, since the return of face-to-face language courses is already anticipated, this room cannot be booked for other uses.


KE illustrates the situation in September which was extremely critical since the Institute was obliged to cover the shortfall in the revenue required by the Company that manages the EUI’s canteens for a total of 2,600 Euro. Since early October, revenues have increased, and the canteen has achieved the required economic equilibrium. KE informs those present that the President has agreed to reassess the situation next 20 October.

The head of the Law Department intervenes by asking if it is possible to have a greater variety of proteins for vegetarians.

KE replies that she will forward the request to the management but anticipates that in such a difficult period where the service is carried out outside the contractual agreements, this type of request may not be satisfied.

The head of the HEC Department reports that some of her colleagues have made a request to have a specific area inside the Villa Salviati premises for people who bring food from home where they can wash their dishes.

KE replies that for this type of intervention it is necessary to verify the feasibility at an infrastructural level and reserves the right to give an answer after a general assessment.



The head of the HEC Department points out that in her opinion exiting from the Villa Salviati gate is hazardous when other vehicles are about to enter. WP points out that at an infrastructural level the only possibility is to move the badge reader to the opposite side, but this would force a user who is entering to get out of the car to open the gate. The possibility of placing information boards at the entrance will be examined.

Update on 20/10/2020 - The issue is being studied by the Health Safety and Security Officer, who will evaluate what interventions can be made to solve or mitigate the problem.


At the end of the meeting, KE reports on the outcome of the vaccination campaign which has seen the participation of over 600 users. The head of the HEC Department asks whether it would be possible to extend the vaccination to partners of EUI members. KE replies that, through the Croce Rossa Italiana, the Institute has managed to open a preferential channel with AIFA (the Italian medicines agency) and is awaiting an answer to find out how many doses of vaccine could be available. Numbers permitting, additional doses of vaccine will be requested to satisfy further demand.









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