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CESSDA Data Catalogue


Resource description

The Consortium of European Social Science Data Archives maintains the CESSDA Data Catalogue a "one-stop shop for searching and finding European social science data".

CESSDACESSDA provides harmonised descriptions of over 40,000 data collections in 20 European countries: "The data described may be quantitative, qualitative or mixed-modes data, cross-sectional or longitudinal, recently collected or historical data. The metadata (study descriptions) are in whatever language they were provided by the organisations producing the metadata. Some publishers provide study descriptions both in English and in the local language, some only in either English or in the local language."


Time period

The 'Collection Years' facet in the left menu of the Data Catalogue can be used to sort chronologically.

Data ranges vary; full details are at individual series level and the index of CESSDA data providers.


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Page last updated on 04 June 2024

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