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DNB Household Survey (Netherlands)


Data Description

DNBThe DNB Household Survey undertaken by CentERdata at Tilburg University, provides annual financial information on 2,000 Dutch households. The survey began in 1993.

DNB Household Survey topics include: work, pensions, accommodation, mortgages, income, assets, liabilities, health, perception of personal financial situation and perception of risks.

The related LISS panel is the core element of the project 'Measurement and Experimentation in the Social Sciences' (MESS). Panel data allows researchers to carry out their own survey, or to design an experiment.


Time period
  • DNB Household Survey coverage: 1993-2022
  • Data is updated annually.


Support links

Supporting documentation is available in English and Dutch on the DNB site.


How to access DNB
  • To register for access to the CentERpanel, the LISS panel and CSS & DHS data, please complete the form on this CentERdata page
  • If the data application is approved by Tilburg University, applicants receive a password providing access.

Details of the LISS Panel data archive are on this page.

Data homepage

Contact: [email protected]


Page last updated on 16 January 2024

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