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International Labour Organization data


Data description

ILOThe International Labour Organization provides data on labour standards, labour legislation and working conditions worldwide:

ILOSTAT is a database of economically active population rates, projections of total population, and estimates of labour force distribution in 185 countries and territories. An Excel add-in is available for bulk downloads.

ILO Employment Policy Gateway is a "global reference on national employment policies and country strategies to promote youth employment."

KILMnet covers 18 key country-level indicators of the international labour market from 1980 to present.

SIMPOC provides statistical data on child labour worldwide. See also the Library's UNICEF data page.

NATLEX is a database of international labour standards and national labour and social security laws.

Related ILO documentary and bibliographical databases are listed on this page.


Time period
  • Most indicators range from the 1960s to present
  • 'Economically Active Population' data ranges from 1950
  • ILO databases are updated monthly and annually.


Support link

Support links to each of the databases are linked from the ILO data index page.


How to access data

Select databases from the ILO data index page.


Data homepage

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Page last updated on 23 April 2024

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