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Data description

EuroModeEUROMOD is a tax-benefit microsimulation model for the European Union developed by the Institute for Social and Economic Research, University of Essex. EUROMOD enables researchers and policy analysts to calculate and compare the effects of tax and benefit policies on household incomes for EU member states and for the EU as a whole. Version I2.0+ of EUROMOD was released in February 2020.

Users requiring access must complete the application procedure described below.


Time period

EUROMOD uses underlying EU Statistics on Income and Living Conditions (EU-SILC) data from 2004 to 2017, and EU member state fiscal data for Belgium, the Czech Republic, Estonia, Greece, Spain, Hungary, Italy, Lithuania and the United Kingdom.


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How to access

The following information is provided by the University of Essex and the European Commission:

"There are three key components to EUROMOD: the software, the model (coded policy rules) and the input microdata. The requirements and the way to get access to each component are described below:

This includes the EUROMOD software and some plugins. Currently the software is distributed by the University of Essex and can be downloaded directly by clicking here.

Model (coded policy rules)
The coded policy rules are distributed under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0) licence (Open Source) since EUROMOD I3.0+. In order to get the coded policy rules (without input microdata), please fill in the form here (no additional requirements are needed). The model contains a training dataset that can be used with all country models; the Hypothetical Household Tool (HHoT) can be also used to create hypothetical datasets to be run with the model. Please, note that there are additional conditions in case you would also like to use this form to also request input microdata (see next point).

Input microdata
In order to get access to the input microdata together with the model, please fill in the form here, indicating that you require datasets by ticking the corresponding box. Please, note that in order to get access to input data based on or using EU-SILC you need to have a valid EUROSTAT Research Project Proposal (RPP; you have to provide your RPP number in the form). The procedure to get this RPP number is described below, along with the specific procedure to get access to UK data.

Input data based on or using EU-SILC
Users of input data based on the EU-SILC need to submit a research proposal to Eurostat that describes why you wish to use EU-SILC data with EUROMOD (this may take around 8 weeks). Your proposal should mention that you intend to use EUROMOD. When users request EUROMOD input data based on EU-SILC, the EUROMOD administrator will ask to see evidence that Eurostat has approved your proposal. [Write to [email protected] for assistance with this step.]

UK data
Input data for the UK are taken from the Family Resources Survey(FRS). To gain access to these data, you should first register with the UK Data Service. Having done so, we will add you to the EUROMOD research project registered with the UK Data Service. Please note: When you request EUROMOD input data that includes UK, we will ask to see evidence that you are registered with the UK Data Service.

Citation and acknowledgement
When citing EUROMOD in publications, conference papers and projects, please use the following reference:   Institute for Social and Economic Research, University of Essex; Joint Research Centre, European Commission, EUROMOD: Version I3.0+ [software], January 2021."


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