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ICPSR data archive


Data description

icpsr2020The Inter-university Consortium for Political and Social Research (ICPSR) maintains a large-scale, multi-disciplinary social sciences' data repository, hosted at the University of Michigan.

The ICPSR data catalogue contains over 16,000 studies associated with approximately 85,000 datasets. Core data from ICPSR are downloaded by EUI Library administrator upon EUI user request (details below). ICPSR provides data in the following categories:

  1. Census Enumerations: historical and contemporary population characteristics
  2. Community and Urban Studies
  3. Conflict, Aggression, Violence and Wars
  4. Economic Behavior and Attitudes
  5. Education
  6. Elites and Leadership
  7. Geography and Environment
  8. Government Structures, Policies and Capabilities
  9. Health Care and Facilities
  10. Instructional Packages
  11. International Systems: linkages, relationships and events
  12. Legal Systems
  13. Legislative and Deliberative Bodies
  14. Mass Political Behavior and Attitudes
  15. Organizational Behavior
  16. Social Indicators
  17. Social Institutions and Behavior
  18. Publication-Related Archive
  19. External Data Resources


Time period
  • The ICPSR archive was founded in 1962. Many historical time-series have earlier start-dates
  • Coverage for each dataset is indicated in the ICPSR data catalogue.


Support links


How to access data

Downloading is by EUI Library administrator:

  • Requestors should indicate the format in which the data should be delivered (Stata, SPSS, SAS &c.). Available formats are indicated in the individual data catalogue record for each dataset.
  • Following confirmation of the requestor's EUI status, data are made available via OneDrive.

Instructions on using ZIP files to compress and decompress data are on this ICT page.

Users should read the ICPSR Responsible Use Statement before requesting access to data.

External visitors to the EUI Library do not have access to this resource.


Data homepage

Contact: [email protected]


Page last updated on 05 February 2024

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