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International Energy Agency data


Data description

IEAThe International Energy Agency provides data on energy production, prices, trade, stocks, consumption, taxes and greenhouse gas emissions. IEA data is available to EUI members via the OECD iLibrary platform.

Data in the following categories can be downloaded in Excel and PDF format:

  • CO2 emissions from fuel combustion
  • Coal data
  • Electricity data
  • Energy prices and taxation
  • Energy projections for IEA countries
  • Energy technology R&D
  • Forecasts
  • Natural gas data
  • Oil data
  • Renewables' data
  • World energy statistics and balances.


Time period
  • Data series range from the 1970s to present
  • Annual, quarterly and monthly data are available.


Support links
  • Supporting and downloading instructions are on this page.
  • The IEA provides further information on this page.


How to access data

Access IEA data via this EUI Catalogue link.

Click on the 'Statistics' tab in the top-bar when the homepage opens. Data are available in .csv format for export to Excel and other programmes. Ready-made PDF tables and factbooks are also available.

Users of IEA data may also be interested in these related resources:

The Global Registry of Fossil Fuels provides data on oil, gas and coal output and reserves quantified in CO2 equivalents. The Registry is maintained by Carbon Tracker and Global Energy Monitor.

The EU Emissions Trading System (EU ETS) data provides "aggregated data by country, by sector and by year on the verified emissions, allowances and surrendered units of the more than 12,000 installations covered by the EU emission trading system."

The Ember Data Explorer presents worldwide annual and monthly data on (i) Electricity generation (ii) Electricity net imports (iii) Electricity demand; (iv) Installed power generation capacity and (v) Emissions from electricity generation. Ember is an energy think tank that "uses data-driven insights to shift the world from coal to clean electricity."


Data homepage

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Page last updated on 11 June 2024

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