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SHARE (Data on health and retirement in Europe)


Data Description 

ShareThe Survey of Health, Ageing and Retirement in Europe (SHARE) is a cross-national panel dataset of more than 140,000 subjects, aged 50 and over, from 20 European countries and Israel. The dataset provides observations on health, socio-economic status and social and family networks.

SHARE is coordinated by the Munich Center for the Economics of Aging (MEA) and is harmonised with the English Longitudinal Study of Ageing (ELSA) and the U.S. Health and Retirement Study (HRS).

SHARE includes variables on physical and psychological health, bio-markers, economic status and social support. The access procedure is described on this SHARE page.


Time period   
  • 2004-2023
  • The SHARE release guide is on this page.


Support links 
  • Detailed documentation is available on this SHARE page
  • Information about SHARE data waves, by country and year, are on this page
  • Questionnairs are available here.


How to access data   

The access procedure is described on this SHARE page.

"Step 1: Read the SHARE Conditions of Use carefully. You will have to agree to them in the next step - this is a necessary prerequisite to access and use the SHARE data.

Step 2: Download, fill out and sign the SHARE User Statement (PDF). Please take into account the following instructions on how to fill out the User Statement correctly:

  • All applicants have to fill out and sign PAGE 1 of the SHARE User Statement.
  • If applicable, on PAGE 1 also credentials that the applicant is affiliated with a scientific institution have to be provided. If scientific affiliation is demonstrated (most easily via a valid email address of the affiliated institution), access will be granted for as long as the affiliation remains valid.
  • PAGE 2 of the SHARE User Statement only has to be filled out, if an applicant has no scientific affiliation, such as a university or scientific research institution/department (for details see Conditions of Use). In this instance, access can only be granted in justified cases for a specific scientific project, given that the project has been described and its scientific character has been demonstrated in a sufficient manner in accordance with this page of the User Statement.

Step 3: Submit the completed and signed Statement(s) by email or mail to the SHARE Research Data Center:

Address: SHARE Research Data Center, c/o CentERdata, Tilburg University, P.O. Box 90153, 5000 LE Tilburg, The Netherlands: share-[email protected]

Access to the data will only be granted upon receipt of the required document(s). Please ensure that you provide only truthful and up-to-date information."


    Data homepage

    Contact: [email protected]


    Page last updated on 22 March 2024

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