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Survey on Household Income and Wealth (Italy)


Data description

BdIIndagine sui Bilanci delle Famiglie Italiane is an Italian survey of household income and wealth published by the Bank of Italy. The dataset contains detailed information on household composition, age, education, labour market variables, income (for individuals and households), savings and consumption. Information on credit, transfers and insurance is also included. The national sample comprises approximately 8,000 households.


Time period

Data from 1989 to 2022 are available.


Support links

The Bank of Italy provides documentation in Italian and English.

Italian data is also collated in the Household Finance and Consumption Network (HFCN) data set, coordinated by the European Central Bank.


How to access data

Access survey data (1989-2022) via this Banca d'Italia platform.

Data is available in ASCII, SAS and STATA formats.


Data homepage

Contact: [email protected]



Page last updated on 05 February 2024

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