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Database description

statitsaStatista is an online portal providing data on the global digital economy, industrial sectors, consumer markets, public opinion, media and macroeconomic trends. Quantitative data from 425 economic sectors in 50 countries are provided with a range of infographic tools for analysis and visualisation.

Statista GmbH (Hamburg) collects and aggregates data from multiple public and private sector sources, including ACTA, AWA, Euromonitor, Gfk, Outfit, Scarborough, Simmons, Target Group Index and VUMA. Statista also publishes industry reports, market forecasts and 'top-lists' of sectoral statistics.

Find data via the Statista search box, or the top menu tabs. Results can be filtered by left-menu facets, including country/region, industrial category and publication date. Result sets can also be sorted by category: statistics, forecasts, studies, industry reports or infographics.

Download data in Excel, PNG, PDF and PPT formats. Citations and parameter metadata are available for all datasets.

Visualise data as tables, bar charts and line graphs. Metadata labels can be customised.

Forecasts, topic dossiers and toplists are available:

- Digital Market Outlook and Consumer Market Outlook provide analysis of sectoral trends in the digital economy and consumer markets, including revenue and country-specific developments
- Industry Reports provide overviews of developments in major industries (eg. manufacturing, construction, utilities, retail, transportation)
- Dossiers prepared by Statista GmbH provide compilations of data and forecasts dedicated to specific topics (eg. e-commerce, airline sector)
- Top-lists rank the first 100 private and listed companies by sector, providing; revenue data, number of employees, annual net profit/loss information and 3-year market capitalisation data.


Time period

Statista data coverage is normally ten years for sectoral data and up to thirty years for macroeconomic time series - varying by sector and country.

Longer time series data resources are indexed in the Library Data Portal and the Macroeconomic Data Index.


Support links
  • Statista tutorials are available at this link
  • The Statista (PDF) brochure is at this link.


How to access data


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Page last updated on 16 June 2022

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