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Gender data: World Bank, EU and United Nations


Data description

GenderThe Gender Data Portal (United Nations and World Bank) provides country level observations in six thematic areas: Economic structures and participation; Education; Health and related services; Public life and decision making; Human rights of women and girls, and Demographic indicators. Data is sourced from the regional commissions of the UN and the World Bank.

The European Institute for Gender Equality publishes the annual Gender Equality Index, which allows researchers to compare variables for all EU member states by work domain and pay level.

Data on gender are also included in databases accessible via the EUI Library Data Portal


Time period

Series range from the mid-1960s to present, varying by country and variable.

Support links


How to access data

The Gender Equality Data and Statistics are available via this link.

  • Select regions and/or countries from the first drop-down menu
  • Select data themes at the icons below the menu.

European Institute for Gender Equality data are available via this link.

  • Under Gender Equality Index, select: EU comparisons, work domain and pay
  • Under Gender Statistics Database, select indicators by theme and health. Or search the full database.

Related development data resources are available via these EUI Library pages:


Data homepage

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