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World Development Indicators (World Bank)


Data description

WDIWorld Development Indicators is a database of global economic conditions across six dimensions: World View, People, Environment, Economy, States and Markets, and Global Linkages. There are over 900 variables for 208 economies from 1960 to present. WDI is compiled by the World Bank and international partners.

World Development Indicators provides measures of social progress, quality of life, economic development, physical infrastructure, environment and government performance.

The World Bank Data Catalogue provides access to related statistical series including; International Debt Statistics, Millennium Development Indicators, Education Statistics and Gender Statistics. Other World Bank research resources are introduced on this EUI Library page.


Time period

World Development Indicators coverage: 1960-2023.

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How to access data

World Development Indicators can be accessed via the World Bank data portal.

The World Bank Central Catalogue provides access to household level data and reports on economic and social issues.


Data homepage

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Page last updated on 31 May 2024

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