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Work Histories Italian Panel


Data description

WHIPThe Work Histories Italian Panel (WHIP) is a database of individual work histories derived from the Italian social security administration (INPS) database. WHIP uses a large representative population sample of Italians and non-Italians residing in Italy.

WHIP is maintained by the LABORatorio Revelli Centre for Employment Studies and the Università di Torino. The database provides observations on the main episodes of subjects' working lives: employment and unemployment, private employee contracts, atypical contracts, self-employment and retirement.

WHIP provides an employee-employer linked database with observations on employee contracts. Data on the firm in which subjects are employed are also available.


Time period

Coverage is from 1985 to 2004. The following WHIP standard files are available:

  • Micro data on employees' compulsory social security contributions and on labour cost
  • Earnings
  • Individual file data
  • Self-employed
  • Pensions
  • Benefits
  • Job spells and jobs yearly
  • Self-employed.


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How to access data

Access to the Full Version of WHIP is only possible via one of the dedicated computers at the Fondazione Collegio Carlo Alberto in Moncalieri (Turin). To arrange a data appointment, please write to the secretary of the Foundation at [email protected] or complete this online form on the LABORatorio Revelli site.


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