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Gift Collection

Book donations are dealt with in three different ways:

Open Access collections

The titles most relevant to EUI academic interests are included in the open-access collections immediately available to our users on a par with material that the Library purchases. 

Off-site storage

Among the gifts the Library receives there are many books that are considered of potential interest to our present or future user population but which are not necessarily a priority in terms of our limited resources of staff-time and shelving space. They are stored off-site.

The titles of the books in the off-site storage are included in the Catalogue but are not classified or labelled. The full alphabetical list can be retrieved by searching the Gift Collection

  • To request an item from the "Gift Collection", make a Storage request
  • The user will receive an email when the book is ready for pick up at the Loan Desk

Discarded material

Books considered irrelevant for the work of the EUI are put on shelves at the Library entrance with the invitation to users to serve themselves. After a certain period the remaining items are disposed of.


Page last updated on 27 April 2020

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