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Diplomatic Documents

The DIPDOC Collection contains all official Diplomatic Documents that are printed sources mainly issued by the foreign ministries of European and non-European countries.

The collection is classified as "DIP DOC" (Diplomatic Documents) and followed by a subject Dewey number.
It is located in the Upper Cloister.

  • Some of these documents are available in our library only as microform copies of the original printed books.
  • The classification of DIPDOCs (Printed Diplomatic Documents) is made of a Dewey number which qualifies the country and the historical period. A "subject" letter "-Q" is added to qualify the cotent as being "diplomatic history". (See, all other subjects). 
    Ex.: Quellen zu den deutsch-tschechischen Beziehungen 1848 bis heute / hrsg. von Manfred Alexander; Darmstadt: Wiss. Buchges., 2005, DIPDOC 943.07-Q ALE
  • DIFP - Documents on Irish Foreign Policy are available in print at the Library

Diplomatic Documents available at the Historical Archives of the EU:

Public websites providing Diplomatic Documents:




Page last updated on 15 February 2021

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