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Waste management - Used/Broken electronic devices


Please note that ICT Service takes care of disposing EUI purchased IT equipment ONLY: old service laptops, service mobiles or whatever should be handed to your local ICT User Support Office for proper disposal and removal of the asset from the EUI accounting sheet (if applicable).

In Italy disposing of electronic equipment has a cost (“garbage tax”) which is linked to one’s identity via VAT code (Codice Fiscale), therefore the Institute cannot dispose of personally-owned electronics.

In the Florence area people are supposed to bring electronics to designated eco-centers, where the municipality will take care of disposing/recycling them: the main eco-center in Florence is located in Viale Guidoni (see for opening times).

In case of oversized electronic devices you are supposed to contact the local municipal provider ALIA ( ph. 800 888333) to arrange an appointment for the pick-up.


Page last updated on 12 February 2020

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