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Rules of the Economics Departmental Library (VLF)


This Honour Code outlines the rights and responsibilities of users of the Economics Departmental Library (Villa La Fonte) as agreed between Faculty, Researcher Representatives and Library staff.

  • Complete the Check-out / Check-in form for each book:

CHECK OUT: Remove the loan slip from the book endpaper. Fill in the user name and loan date. Place the slip on the shelf where the book was located.

CHECK IN: Take the loan slip from the shelf. Mark the 'in' column. Put the slip back in the book. Replace the book on the shelf.

-  Books cannot be taken out of the Departmental complex
-  All books and manuals must be returned to the VLF Library at the end of the day
-  There are no overnight or weekend loans
-  It is not permitted to bring food into the VLF Library
-  These rules apply equally to Researchers, TAs, Fellows and Professors
-  Abuses of the system should be reported to [email protected]
-  30-day loan copies can be requested for delivery from the Badia to the Economics Department
-  A list of books and manuals in the Departmental Library is on this inventory page.



1. All scholars are entitled to consistent, reliable and regular access to the books, manuals and reference works in the Economics Departmental Library, Villa La Fonte.

2. The necessity for constant access to heavily-used works implies a self-regulating check-in / check-out system. No books may be taken out of the Departmental building at any time. All books must be returned to the Library shelving at the end of every working day. 


 3. All scholars have a responsibility to respect the self-loan rules of the Departmental Library. There are no overnight or weekend loans.

 4. Particular emphasis is placed on proactive, self-regulation among Researchers to reinforce the rules.

 5. Researchers should cross-monitor their colleagues and be vigilant regarding abuses of the system.


 6. Under the agreement (2003) between the EUI Economics Department and the EUI Library - the Economics Information Specialist and the Economics Researcher Representatives are authorised to collect unattended books, manuals and dictionaries from Departmental work-spaces.

 7. The Information Specialist monitors the system and contacts researchers regarding overdue books.

 8. A committee consisting of the Economics Department Library Liaison Professor and the Economics Representatives will impose appropriate sanctions on those who abuse the self-regulating system. The Head of Department, the Departmental Library Liaison Professor, the Information Economics Specialist and the Director of the EUI Library will be duly informed.

 9. This Code took effect on the 1st of December 2003.

10. The Economics Representatives and the Economics Information Specialist undertake to inform future Economics Representatives of the system.


Contact: Thomas Bourke at [email protected]

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