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Eurostat: Official EU statistical data


Data description

EurostatThe Eurostat Dissemination Database provides official statistics on the European Union, EU member states and sub-state regions. Eurostat's Statistics Explained provides an introduction to official EU statistics. There are nine primary categories:

  • General and regional statistics
  • Economy and finance
  • Population and social conditions
  • Industry, trade and services
  • Agriculture and fisheries
  • External trade
  • Transport
  • Environment and energy
  • Science and technology.

Users of the bulk download service should register at the upper right of the Eurostat homepage. Bulk downloading instructions are on this page (item #6).

The Eurostat Regional Yearbook and the ARDECO database provide EU sub-state regional data.


Time period

The Eurostat Dissemination Database provides five decades of statistical observations, varying by series and accession dates of European Union member states.


Support links


How to access data

Data can be downloaded from the online Eurostat Dissemination Database.

Bulk download instructions are on this Eurostat page.

TSV files may be imported into Excel by (1) Saving on hard disk with the suffix .tsv (2) unzipping and (3) saving tables as Text (*.txt).

Full instructions on downloading are on this page.


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