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ESENER - European occupational health and safety


Data description

ESENERThe European Union Occupational Safety and Health Agency (EU-OSHA) conducts European Surveys of Enterprises on New and Emerging Risks (ESENER) which provide data on work-related accidents, worker ill-health, work-related stress, harassment and workplace conditions. Details of three data waves are available on the ESENER portal:

Wave 2019
Wave 2014
Wave 2009

Wave 2019 covers over 40,000 employment entities in 33 European countries.


Time period
  • ESENER-1: 2009
  • ESENER-2: 2014
  • ESENER-3: 2019


Support links


How to access data

Three waves of survey data are available via the UKDS portal:

  • Wave 2019: study number 8690
  • Wave 2014: study number 7808
  • Wave 2009: study number 6446.

EUI members should follow the instructions for non-UK based researchers on the EUI Library's UKDS resource page.

Aggregate data and findings are available via the ESENER portal.


Data homepage

Contact: [email protected]


Page last updated on 30 April 2024

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