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Eurobarometer - EU Public Opinion Surveys


Data description

Eurobar Eurobarometer is a series of multi-topic, pan-European surveys undertaken for the European Commission since 1970, covering attitudes towards European integration, policies, institutions, social conditions, health, culture, the economy, citizenship, security, information technology, the environment and other topics.

Access to primary Eurobarometer data is via the GESIS Eurobarometer Data Service (see below).

Standard and Special Eurobarometer surveys consist of regular face-to-face interviews with approximately 1,000 subjects in the EU member states.


Time period


How to access data

EUI members can access Eurobarometer data via GESIS (the German social science infrastructure service provider) and via ICPSR (the Inter-University Consortium for Political and Social Research archive).

Eurobarometer via GESIS

Access to primary Eurobarometer data is provided by the GESIS Eurobarometer Data Service. The following data are available:

  • Standard and Special Eurobarometer
  • Mannheim Eurobarometer Trend File
  • Central and Eastern Eurobarometer
  • Candidate Countries Eurobarometer
  • Flash Eurobarometer surveys.

Eurobarometer via ICPSR

EUI members also have access to Eurobarometer files hosted by the ICPSR data archive. Data from ICPSR can only be downloaded by Library staff. Follow these instructions:

  • Locate the required data study number(s) in the ICPSR data catalogue
  • Send the study number of the dataset required to either: [email protected] (members of the Economics Department, RSCAS and MWP) or [email protected] (members of the SPS Department)
  • Please indicate the format in which the data are required (Stata, SAS &c.)

Moderate-sized sets are sent via email attachment. Larger sets are placed on the Library FTP server and a link is sent by email.

ICPSR instructions on using ZIP files to compress and decompress data are on this page

EUI ICT Service instructions on using ZIP files to compress and decompress data are on this page

Read the Responsible Use Statement on the ICPSR site.

European statistical data resources (EUI Library).


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Contact: Thomas Bourke at  [email protected]


Page last updated on 06 July 2022

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