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International Country Risk Guide


Data description

ICRGICRG provides country risk data and country reports on political, financial and macroeconomic trends worldwide. Data is from 1984 to present, plus five-year forecasts.

  • For time series data, select 'CountryData'
  • For PDF tables and five-year forecasts, select 'Int'l Country Risk Guide'

Country data is available in Excel and .csv formats. Select by country, variable and year/month. Data may be structured in country order, variable order, or chronological order. Turn off pop-up blockers before downloading.

ICRG data and forecasts may also be downloaded in PDF format (right-click to Excel):

  • Current Tables (see list of variables below)
  • Regional Overview (eg. East/West Europe or Asia-Pacific)
  • Recent Report Tables.

Please read, and abide by, the terms and conditions of use for licensed data resources.


Time period
  • Annual and monthly data is from 1984 to present
  • Five-year forecasts are available as composite risk ratings
  • ICRG is updated monthly.


Support links

The full list of data variable definitions is on thie ICRG page.

Separate risk-weightings are given for political, macroeconomic, financial and composite indices.


How to access data

EUI members can access ICRG and Country Data via this Catalogue record.

When the 'My Products' page opens select 'CountryData' for time series data from 1984 onwards. For PDF tables and five-year forecasts, select 'Int'l Country Risk Guide.'

The database variables are:

  • 1: Ranking by composite risk
  • 2a: Composite risk
  • 2b: 4 major risk ratings
  • 2c: Composite risk forecasts
  • 3a: Political risk
  • 3b: Political risk components
  • 3ba: Political risk sub-components
  • 3c: Political risk forecasts
  • 4a: Financial risk
  • 4b: Financial risk components
  • 4c: Financial risk forecasts
  • 5a: Economic risk
  • 5b: Economic risk components
  • 5c: Economic risk forecasts
  • 6a: Economic component data
  • 6b: Financial component data
  • 7: GDP per head
  • 8: Real GDP growth
  • 9: Inflation
  • 10: Budget balance as % of GDP
  • 11: Current account as % of GDP
  • 12: Foreign debt as % GDP
  • 13: Debt service as % of exports
  • 14: Current account as % of exports
  • 15: International liquidity
  • 16: Exchange rate stability
  • 17: Exchange rates


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