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Loading and using data on Windows

StataThis page uses Stata as a working example. Instructions can be modified for other software as required.

Users should also read the heavy computational tasks (remote computing) page.

A guide to the EUI High Performance Cluster (HPC) is available by writing to [email protected] (EUI members only).

To load and use data on Windows:

  • Confirm the variables needed and the file locations. (Consult the online documentation, under 'Full details' on the Library Micro Data directory.) EUI-hosted micro data is for the exclusive use of current EUI members who have completed the registration procedure. (Non-EUI members to not have access to EUI-hosted data.)
  • Use (eg.) Stata commands to extract the variables required and to create 'restricted data' as in this example:
  • To use var1 and var2 from fileX in datasetY, one of the first lines of the Stata do-file should look like this: use var1 var2 using K:\datasetY\fileX
  • Save the 'restricted data' file (naming it, eg. 'mydata1') in the home directory on G:\ using the Stata 'save' command: save ...\mydata1
  • When it is necessary to combine information from two different files, users can temporarily save files locally on D:\Temp\username, eg: save D:\Temp\username\mydata1
  • Having saved data on the local D:\ drive, users should then transfer to G:\

A guide to the High Performance Cluster (HPC) is available by writing to [email protected] (EUI members only).


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