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Loading and using data on Windows

WindowsThis page uses Stata as a working example. Instructions can be modified for other software as required. Stata 18 (2023) manuals are available at this link.

Users should also read the heavy computational tasks (remote computing) page.

A guide to the EUI High Performance Cluster (HPC) is available by writing to [email protected] (EUI members only).

To load and use data on Windows:

  • Confirm the variables required and the file locations. (Consult the online documentation, under 'Full details' on the Library Micro Data directory.) EUI-hosted micro data is for the exclusive use of current EUI members who have completed the registration procedure. (Non-EUI members to not have access to EUI-hosted data.)
  • Use (eg.) Stata commands to extract the variables required and to create 'restricted data' as in this example:
  • To use var1 and var2 from fileX in datasetY, one of the first lines of the Stata do-file should look like this: use var1 var2 using K:\datasetY\fileX
  • Save the 'restricted data' file (naming it, eg. 'mydata1') in the home directory on G:\ using the Stata 'save' command: save ...\mydata1
  • When it is necessary to combine information from two different files, users can temporarily save files locally on D:\Temp\username, eg: save D:\Temp\username\mydata1
  • Having saved data on the local D:\ drive, users should then transfer to G:\

A guide to the High Performance Cluster (HPC) is available by writing to [email protected] (EUI members only).


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Page last updated on 14 November 2023

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