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EUI Internal Moves

General Guidelines

In case a Service/Department needs to organize single or multiple moves within the same building and/or to a different building of the EUI Campus, this is the procedure to follow:

  • Moves requests can be submitted by Departmental Assistants / Administrative Coordinators only.
  • The Departmental Assistant / Service Secretary must open a ticket on the Helpdesk choosing the category REAL ESTATE AND FACILITIES - MOVES) and submitting in attachment the relevant form duly filled in in the mandatory fields (both for single and/or multiple moves). Please note: select the proper sheet ("Moves" or "Arrival & Departures") depending on the circumstances.
  • All requests must be submitted not earlier than 30 working days and no later than 15 working days prior to the intended date of the move.
  • Soon after the creation of the ticket, Departmental Assistants/Administrative Coordinators should be available to meet the technical units involved in the move in order to carry out the necessary inspection (a RE&FS check list and an ICT check list will have to be filled in by RE&FS and ICT staff members).
  • Once the request is approved, if necessary, a definite layout of the workplace will be drawn up:if accepted, the layout cannot be modified at a later stage (except for strongly motivated reasons).
  • The amount of boxes needed for the move (to be clearly indicated in the form) will be provided by the RE&FS, no need of submitting a request via the Office Supplies System.The packing must be carried out personally by users (except for cases subject to medical authorization, to be submitted to the personnel Service).
  • For moves involving just the phone line (no pc, no forniture, etc...) use the same form, but open the ticket in the Helpdesk under the category ICT - TELEPHONY.

For further information and details please contact the Maintenance Unit





Page last updated on 20 August 2017

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