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Cleaning Service innovations (Starting 1 September 2018)

As of 1 September 2018 cleaning services at the EUI are provided by the company B & B Service, following the relevant call for tender. The new provider is committed to improving the service to all EUI users with innovative measures and to reducing the EUI'S environmental impact.



New provisions

Every two months a complete cleaning and sanitization service of each work station will be provided.

This service includes the cleaning of armchairs, video, keyboard and telephone. After each intervention a form sheet will be issued indicating that the cleaning task has been performed on the workstation concerned

Low environmental impact measures

  • Introduction of the "pre-impregnated" cleaning system PRE-GUARD, which uses pre-impregnated microfiber cloths aiming at reducing gconsiderably the consumption of water and the usage of chemical detergents. In those environments where it is infrastructurally allowed, this innovation guarantees an annual saving of about 20 litres of water and 1 litre of detergent for each cleaned square meter.
  • Usage of eco-capsules detergents, monodoses and water-soluble (ECOCAPS) that allow for the complete elimination of plastic containers where detergents products and their packaging were kept and stored.
  • Introduction of waste recycling bins collectors in each office, through the provision of a specific bin equipped with three compartments for the collection of paper, plastic and organic waste. Bins will be emptied on a daily basis. In all common areas recycling bins collectors of paper and plastic will be kept anyway.
  • Replacement of toilet paper dispensers with a new model that saves 30% paper usage on an annual basis;
  • Electrical equipment supplied to the two employees on –duty on a daily basis, for moving between the various buildings of the campus;



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