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Cleaning Services



General Information

The European University Institute has an external cleaning contractor, selected through a public call for tenders, that covers the fourteen buildings and residences of the Institute.

EUI’s objective through the Cleaning Contract is to:

  • Maintain an optimal hygienic-sanitary level in the environments and facilities subject to the service in order to ensure the maximum comfort and the best working conditions for the personnel and guests of the EUI;
  • Implement best management practices in cleaning operations;
  • Achieve efficient and effective performance;
  • Upkeep the aesthetic appearance of the premises and areas subject to service;
  • Safeguard the integrity of the surfaces subject to cleaning.


Thanks to the changes introduced in the new tender specifications and the improvements offered by the company who was awarded the contract, listed below are the main innovations made to the cleaning service for the five-year period 2018/2023:

  • Introduction of the "pre-impregnated" cleaning system PRE-GUARD, which uses pre-impregnated microfiber cloths aiming at reducing considerably the consumption of water and the usage of chemical detergents. In those environments where it is infrastructurally allowed, this innovation guarantees an annual saving of about 20 litres of water and 1 litre of detergent for each cleaned square meter.
  • Usage of eco-capsules detergents, monodoses and water-soluble (ECOCAPS) that allows for the complete elimination of plastic containers where detergents products and their packaging were kept and stored.
  • Sanitization of office workstations every two months. This service includes the sanitization of desk chairs, telephone, monitor and computer keyboard.
  • Introduction of waste recycling bins collectors in each office, through the provision of a specific bin equipped with three compartments for the collection of paper, plastic and organic waste. Bins will be emptied on a daily basis. In all common areas recycling bins collectors of paper and plastic will be kept anyway.
  • Implementation of interventions of both disinfestation and deratization of the external areas adjacent to accesses to all buildings and the researchers' apartments.
  • Extension of the daily cleaning in all areas adjacent to the buildings' accesses and parking areas.
  • Enhancement of equipment supplied to the two employees on-duty on a daily basis (two electric vehicles to move between the various sites).

The contractor is also responsible for the cleaning of external areas such as:

  • entrance and exit areas
  • pathways
  • stairs and ramps for building access
  • restaurant/café areas
  • self-service zones
  • parking

and for the provision and positioning of consumable materials for hygienic services (cloth towels, toilet paper, liquid hand wash soap, tissue toilet covers, feminine sanitary bags, sanitizers, air fresheners, etc.).

The Contractor has also to provide for the daily collection and disposal, for the various types of waste, of recycling bins collectors throughout the various offices, common areas, including café and food areas and researchers' sites (paper, cardboard, multi-material, glass, plastic, cans and organic bins).

Cleaners employed by the Contractor, in order to access and work in EUI sites, must wear at all times the company uniforms equipped with identitification card complete of full name and picture. During the completion of their tasks inside the EUI premises, smoking is strictly forbidden, and usage of mobile phones is only allowed for working purposes.

Cleaners employed by the Contractor have been properly trained to carry out all duties related to their employment.They have been instructed not to move or touch items left on desks or shelves including equipment, papers, documents, books, etc. regardless of whether they obstruct or not the completion of cleaning services. Cleaning staff will only remove waste recycling bins collectors inside every office and in common areas.

The Contractor is obliged to apply to all employees regulatory conditions and wages compliant with those resulting from collective bargaining agreements and national labour awards within the territory in force at the date of the contract: these also include any other conditions resulting from subsequent amendments and additions and any other collective agreement subsequently entered into force by the work category and applicable in the province of Florence. This obligation remains in force even after the expiry of the aforementioned collective contracts until their replacement.

The EUI has the option, at any time, to ask the Contractor to substantiate the application of retributive treatment provided for by the CCNL in the category and integrated territorial agreements of local workers employed in the service.

In addition to the quality control plan of the Contractor, all services mentoned and guaranteed in this tender are subject to constant verification by the Real Estate and Facilities Services against specified criteria.

Any queries should be addressed to [email protected]

To request assistance/intervention for cleaning services, please submit a ticket to the EUI helpdesk.

Further specifications as well as general rules and provisions can be found in the Cleaning Services Policy.

Responsibility of Users in respect of the EUI cleaning services

  • To minimize interference with your work, cleaning will take place outside the official opening hours of the Institute (8 am - 7 pm). We ask you to facilitate this process, otherwise the cleaning cannot be done.
  • It is necessary at least once a week to move all desk items (excluding telephones and IT equipment) to enable the cleaner to carry out their duties. It is important to note that cleaners are not allowed to remove these items.
  • No liquids are to be left on surfaces.
  • Nothing should be stored on floors and confidential materials must be locked away.
  • Please respect the rules related to waste recycling bins collectors by properly dividing the various types of waste in each sector, such as paper (yellow), glass and plastic (blue) and organic waste (brown) in the bins of your office. It is important to note and remember that the person in charge of cleaning does not separate the waste allocated in the bins.
  • Office whiteboard cleaning is the responsibility of the user. 
  • We kindly remind you that you shall personally take back used cups, glasses and cutlery to the bar.
  • Meeting and conference rooms must be left in a clean and tidy condition and in the same “set up” No rubbish should be left behind.
  • Please report to the reception of the building any problem related to cleaning services or email:  [email protected].
  • To request assistance / intervention, please submit a ticket to the EUI Helpdesk.
  • The cleaning company is not responsible for the care and watering of plants.



Page last updated on 01 May 2020

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