Air Conditioning Units at the EUI


Air Conditioning operating hours are governed by the EUI Heating and Cooling Policy.

Cooling systems are switched on according to weather conditions, and operating hours may vary.

Air Conditioning units are currently switched on with the following operating hours (updated 20/7/2020): 

Badia Fiesolana

  • BF offices: MON-FRI 8-18
  • BF canteen: MON-FRI 8-18
  • BF Library: MON-FRI 8-18
  • BF Working spaces: MON-FRI 8-18

Villa Salviati

  • VS Manica and Castello offices: MON-FRI 9-18
  • VS Working spaces: MON-FRI 9-18
  • VS HAEU ("greenhouses"): MON-FRI 9-18

Villa Sanfelice

  • VSF offices: MON-FRI 9-18

Villa Paola

  • VPA offices: split system (wall mounted units) with remote control

Convento S. Domenico

  • SD offices: free-standing units
  • SD ground floor Seminar Rooms: MON-FRI 10-17

Villa Malafrasca

  • VMF offices: MON-FRI 9-17

Villa Schifanoia

  • VS offices: MON-FRI 9-18
  • VS common areas: MON-FRI 9-18


  • VL offices: MON-FRI 9-17


  • CA offices: MON-FRI 9-18

Villa Raimondi

  • VRAI offices: split system (wall mounted units) with remote control

Villa La Fonte

  • VF offices: MON-FRI 9-18
  • VF Working spaces: MON-FRI 9-18

Villa il Poggiolo

  • VP offices: MON-FRI 9-18
  • TP (print shop): MON-FRI 9-18




Page last updated on 20 July 2020

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