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Databases A-Z

Online platform of legal publications in French by Dalloz.

Searchable database of electronic, open-access research theses held in European repositories.

Contemporary and historical financial numerical database - covering major financial instruments, company fundamentals, equity and fixed income securities - and macroeconomic data for over 175 countries and 60 markets.

Platform for De Gruyter eBooks. The EUI Library only subscribes to a selection of titles.

Platform for Walter de Gruyter electronic journals and reference works. The EUI Library only subscribes to a selection of journals titles and two bibliographic databases: IBZ and IBR.

  • DeJure and DeJure Biblioteca Riviste - see new title IUSExplorer

Gateway to freely-available full-text articles, papers, and dissertations.

Set of declassified US government documents, with 36 collections and over 80,000 documents indexed. Each collection covers the most critical world events, countries, and U.S. policy decisions from post World War II to the present.

Backfiles for over 700 scholarly German journals in many disciplines, including the humanities, social sciences, history, librarianship, mathematics, and biological and physical sciences.

Time series of annual, quarterly and monthly trade data for most countries, from 1948 to 1980.

Directory of peer-reviewed Open Access books released by various academic publishers.

Directory of freely-available scientific and scholarly journals.

Index to about 250 Italian legal journals, going back to 1970s, with abstracts and subject headings.

The Dorie database is a collection of digitised historical documents compiled by the European Commission on institutional issues of the European Communities since their foundation. The database consists of more than 40,000 records representing a great range of documents or excerpts of documents, available to the public interested in EU institutional matters. The documents concern EU institutions and decision-making processes, and various intergovernmental conferences that have made changes to the founding treaties. Dorie contains legal acts, minutes of meetings, articles and press releases, speeches by European leaders and internal Commission working documents. The Historical Archives of the European Union, based at the EUI, assists in the publishing of Dorie.

Journal platform of Duke University Press offering over 50 titles in the Humanities and Social Sciences. The EUI Library subscribes to a selection of titles only.

Journal platform from Duncker & Humblot. Full-text access is limited to those journals to which the EUI has subscribed.

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