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Databases A-Z

IATE (Interactive Terminology for Europe) is the EU's terminology database. It has been used in the EU institutions and agencies since summer 2004 for the collection, dissemination and management of EU-specific terminology.

Repository of almost 6,000 datasets (over 100,000 files) in core and interdisciplinary economics, political science, sociology and demography. Data sets are downloaded Library Administrators, see full description for details.

Bibliographic database that indexes articles and book reviews from over 500 legal journals published worldwide with a coverage from 1985. 

Contains bibliographic citations of translated books recorded by UNESCO since 1979.

Electronic journal platform from the Institute for Operations Research and the Management Sciences (Informs). Full-text access for EUI users is limited to those journals to which the EUI has subscribed.

Electronic journal platform offering titles from many publishers. Full-text access for EUI users is limited to those journals to which the EUI has subscribed.

Electronic news service tracking reports on international law disputes between foreign investors and sovereign states.  IA Reporter specializes in two types of cases: international arbitrations involving states and claims before international human rights courts.

International Debt Statistics (IDS) is the World Bank's database on the external debt and financial flows (debt and equity) providing over 200 indicators for 123 countries in the World Bank's debtor reporting system. Data is from 1970 to present. The database combines observations from 'Quarterly External Debt Statistics' and 'Quarterly Public Sector Debt' published by the World Bank. (IDS was formerly known as 'Global Development Finance.'). 

Covering current risk ratings and composite risk forecasts for 140 countries worldwide. Provides data from 1984 to the current year, with five-year forecasts - covering political, financial and macroeconomic trends.

Part of the Oxford Reports on International Law service, this database aims to provide comprehensive coverage of decisions from the most important and general international courts. Includes all contentious and advisory cases from the International Court of Justice and the Permanent Court of International Justice.

The International Energy Agency provides data on energy production, prices, trade, stocks, consumption, taxes and greenhouse gas emissions. IEA data is available to EUI members via the OECD iLibrary platform.

The International Labour Organization provides data on labour standards, labour legislation and working conditions worldwide.

Part of the Oxford Reports on International Law service, this database covers the most important international law issues being decided in domestic courts around the world today. Legal experts in the field report on cases from around 70 jurisdictions with English translations of key passages, along with full judgments in the original language, from 2000 to the present.

The IMF provides data on global monetary relations, financial stability, international trade and economic growth. Coverage is for 188 countries worldwide. Series include: Direction of Trade Statistics (DOTS), Government Finance Statistics (GFS), International Finance Statistics (IFS), Balance of Payments Statistics (BOPS) and the IMF World Economic Outlook database.

The IMF eLibrary gives access to statistical data from the International Monetary Fund – including ‘Balance of Payments Statistics’, ‘Direction of Trade Statistics’, ‘Government Finance Statistics’ and ‘International Financial Statistics’.

Portal of periodicals published by the International Monetary Fund. The EUI Library subscribes to a selection of titles.  Please check the OPAC for paper version access.

International Trade Centre data on market access, foreign direct investment, economic standards and global trade are provided by the ITC (Geneva), a joint agency of UNCTAD and the WTO.

Platform of IOS Press. The EUI subscribes to 2 titles: Statistical Journal of the IAOS and Environmental Policy and Law.

Bibliographical database providing seamless access to current and retrospective multidisciplinary information from approximately 8,500 of the most prestigious, high impact research journals in the world. Includes Journal Citation Reports  

Italian legal database produced by Giuffrè editore which gives access to the full-text of Italian legislation, case law, codes, regional laws and legal doctrine and 42 legal journals.

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