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Economic Literature: search and reference


Bibliographic databases / finding economic literature


RePEc - the research papers in economics service - provides access to working papers, pre-prints, bibliographic records and metrics. The interface is called Ideas. RePEc, founded in 1997, is maintained by a network of editors and developers coordinated by the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis.


Portal of economic and business literature in German, English and other languages with full-text access and bibliographic records. EconBiz is maintainded by the German National Library of Economics (ZBW) and cross-indexed with RePEc.

Web of Science

Bibliographic database of over 22,000 peer reviewed journals, with tools for advanced search, citation analysis and bibliometric reports. Web of Science is published by Clarivate Analytics.

Google Scholar

Scholarly publications' search engine with direct links to full-text EUI-subscribed journals. Google Scholar is complemented by Google Scholar Citations, Google Scholar Metrics and Google Dataset Search.

EUI Library Catalogue

EUI Library catalogue main interface and index of eJournals and eBooks.

New Palgrave Dictionary of Economics

Premier scholarly economics reference work with over 2,000 entries and topic bibliographies.

Electronic journals index

Resource maintained by the University of Regensburg with links to subscription and open access journals. Search can be modified by subject, title and category.


Union catalogue indexing library holdings worldwide, maintained by the Online Computer Library Center (OCLC).

Cadmus (EUI)

EUI research repository with access to full-texts and bibliographic information about EUI research outputs.


Elsevier journals' platform providing full-texts, bibliographic data and federated search.


Springer journals' platform providing full-texts, bibliographic data and federated search.


Archive of journals and bibliographic data providing federated search, maintained by ITHAKA.

Wiley Online

John Wiley journals' platform providing full-texts, bibliographic data and federated search.


International scholarly journals' publisher providing full-texts, bibliographic data and federated search.


EconBiz search - ZBW EconBiz Logo



Bibliographic software


Reference management software for bibliography building, notes and references


Reference management software for bibliographic information and research content


Major reference works in economics and statistical science

New Palgrave Dictionary of Economics 

S.N. Durlauf, L.E. Blume, Palgrave | Online

North-Holland Handbooks in Economics

Varie, Elsevier | Online

Oxford Dictionary of Economics

J. Black et al, Oxford University Press | Online

Oxford Dictionary of Finance and Banking

J. Law, Oxford University Press | Online

Encyclopedia of Finance

C.F. Lee, A.C. Lee, Springer | Online

Dictionary of Trade Policy Terms

W. Goode, Cambridge University Press | Online

Concise Oxford Dictionary of Mathematics

C. Clapham, J. Nicholson, Oxford University Press | Online


EUI Library shelf-marks indicated below

Cambridge Business English Dictionary

R. Combley et al, Cambridge University Press, 2011. LIB 330.03 COM

Cambridge Dictionary of Statistics

B.S. Everitt, A. Skrondal, Cambridge University Press, 4th ed, 2010. LIB 519.503 EVE

CRC Concise Encyclopedia of Mathematics

E.W. Weisstein, Chapman & Hall / CRC, 2nd ed, 2003. LIB 510.3 WEI

Dictionary of Banking Terms

T.P. Fitch, 7th ed, 2018. LIB 332.1 FIT

The Economist Style Guide 

Public Affairs / Perseus Books, 12th ed, 2018. LIB 808.02 ECO

Encyclopedia of Central Banking

L-P. Rochon, S. Rossi, Edward Elgar, 2015. LIB 332.11025 ROC

Encyclopedia of Statistical Sciences

N. Balakrishnan et al, Wiley-Interscience, 2nd ed, 2005 (16 vols.) LIB 519.503 KOT

International Encyclopedia of Statistical Science

M. Lovric, Springer, 2011 (3 vols.). LIB 519.503 LOV

Palgrave Encyclopedia of World Economic History Since 1750

G. Bannock, R.E. Baxter, Palgrave Macmillan, 2010. LIB 330.03 BAN

Princeton Companion to Applied Mathematics

N.J. Higham et al, Princeton University Press, 2015. LIB 510 HIG

Economics Collection

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