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European Social Survey (ESS)


Data description

ESS The European Social Survey provides data on attitudes, beliefs and behaviour in 30 countries. ESS is coordinated by the Centre for Comparative Social Surveys (City University, London) in partnership with the Catholic University of Leuven (Belgium); GESIS (Germany); NSD (Norway); SCP (Netherlands) and the University of Amsterdam. There are ten data waves.

The survey consists of a core module and at least two 'rotating' modules, repeated at intervals. The core module monitors change and continuity in a range of social variables including social and public trust; political interest and participation; socio-political orientations; media use; moral, political and social values; social exclusion, national, ethnic and religious allegiances; well-being, health and security; demographics and socio-economic conditions.

A supplementary questionnaire is presented to respondents at the end of the main interview. The first part of the questionnaire is a human values scale, the second includes measures to evaluate the reliability and validity of items in the main questionnaire.


Time period

Ten European Social Survey waves are available:

  • ESS Round 10-2020
  • ESS Round 9 - 2018
  • ESS Round 8 - 2016
  • ESS Round 7 - 2014
  • ESS Round 6 - 2012
  • ESS Round 5 - 2010
  • ESS Round 4 - 2008
  • ESS Round 3 - 2006
  • ESS Round 2 - 2004
  • ESS Round 1 - 2002


Support links

The ESS data homepage describes data collection, methodology and survey evolution.

The ESS documentation page describes data variables.


How to access data

European Social Survey data.

Users of ESS may also be interested in these EUI Library resource guides:


Data homepage

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