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Historical Statistics of the United States


Data description

HistStatsUSA Historical Statistics of the United States is a compendium of approximately 13,000 data series on economic, social, political, human and environmental topics from 1775 to 2000. The database - prepared by the U.S. Census Bureau and published by Cambridge University Press - is structured in five sections:

A. Population
B. Work and welfare
C. Economic structure and performance
D. Economic sectors
E. Governance and international relations.

The five-volume paper edition of HSUS is available at EUI Library shelfmark 900.21273.


Time period

Coverage is from 1775 to 2000 with start dates varying by state and series theme.


Support link

When the interface opens click on 'Contents' and open the instruction menu:

  • How to Find Data
  • Table Overview
  • Downloading Tables
  • Creating a Custom Table
  • Graphing Tables
  • Favorites features (save tables, save searches).

The U.S. Census Bureau provides details of 1790-2010 census collection and methodology on this page.


How to access data

Current EUI members can access Historical Statistics of the United states via the HSUS Catalogue record. Series can be located via the search, browse and index functions. Statistics in HSUS are organised in tables, grouped by topic and date range.

Customised graphs and tables can be generated by combining data from mulitple series:

    • Click the 'table' tab
    • Go to 'table options' on the left side
    • Click the 'custom tables' drop-down in the left pane
    • Select 'new' from the list of options
    • 'Create custom table' opens
    • Use the check-boxes to select series for a table
    • Enter a table name
    • Click 'save custom table.'

EUI members also have access to these related resources:


Data homepage

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Page last updated on 19 February 2024

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